Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday Getaway

How are you guys all doing? I hope all is well!
Easter celebration here in the US is totally different from the Philippines. I'll tell you, it's not about the "Bunny" and the "Candy" for sure! I miss the way how Filipino celebrates the holy week. 
Anyhow, last Saturday we went to the mall to participate the biggest easter egg hunting in San Antonio. There are over 5,000 eggs hidden around the mall. We got there on time, but all eggs were gone...weeeeee! Some nice folks handed Akesha some eggs and candy. 
Akesha's first picture with Mr.Bunny. Hey, it's FREE!
The mall was too crowded. Line here, there, and everywhere. Aside from sitting on bunny's lap, they also offer FREE balloons, face painting, and live music.
After the whole event, we ate lunch and went to Burlington Factory. We also went to see a 3D movie called "RIO". It was a wonderful Saturday!


  1. It does seem that Easter is getting more and more about the bunny and less and less about the empty tomb.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dhemz.

  2. hello sistah, super blooming ang gorgeous beauty nato sa picture ah... I like your top weeeh...asa mo palit... kay palit sad me para terno ta..hahaha joke..

    Oh my gosh... watched diay mo ug "RIO" - i heard about the movie..and its raking millions sa box office kay no.1 movie man diay na.

    Wa pa nako ma try dala to watch movie ang Koala nako.. but I guess will try this movie kaya...

    Happy Easter diha... kapoy si lola sa Sunday family soiree namo diri..

  3. Wonderful shots. Looks like she had so much fun. Happy Easter!

    My Blue Monday.

  4. And to think that the bunny and the eggs are pagan tradition :(

    you both look fab sis! -Mirage

  5. Little miss A sure had fun!
    Hope you can visit my entry too. Thanks and have a good week!

  6. Hallelujah kay wa ko mauwahi..lol

    pagka bibo gud sa inyo celebration diha...wa may ingon ana diri oi..wa gani egg hunting..hehe diay biko, suman, binignit ug kutsinta...mao nay handa sa pinoy dayon dagan sa dagat or pool hehehe.

    ka nice sa imo blouse Dhemz ug sandal..summer outfit kaayo.

    nice kaayo inyo mga pictures dah! hehe

  7. Oi naa man si easter bunny :) nice event!

  8. Great event. Love the blues :)


  9. Korek Sis! Iba talaga ang Easter Sunday sa Pinas!

    Sexy naman ng Mommy ni Akesha :)

    Gusto ko rin panoorin yang RIO! :D

  10. Sexy ni Mommy Dhemz ^_^ I missed how we observed Lent season too. Pero okies lang basta happy tayo and we don't forget to visit the church. Happy Monday!


  11. Sounds like you all had a great time!
    And I do wish we were more spiritual in our celebrations here.

  12. Ganda naman ng getaway.. Sexy ng nanay ah hehehe.. Love Akesha's pose, so pweety!

  13. that looks fun up there with all the colorful balloons and the bunny.

    my MYM is up, please check it out here Easter Egg Hunting

  14. totally different here. your easter is colorful. :)

  15. it's so colorful!btw, it seems that Rio is an interesting film. how was it?

  16. Wow 5,000 eggs unya wala jud nabilin..Sayang maygane naay nanghatag.

    I really agree dhemz. Lahe ra jud ang atong pagcelebrate sa Holy week. I like the way we celebrate it sa Pinas. Hope everything is well with you and your family.

  17. Enjoyed seeing and learning more about your Easter customs there. Regardless of how and when it is celebrated, the meaning is the same.

  18. great saturday for the three of u, dhemz. keep it up. and do keep feeling beautiful each day...love ur one-shoulder blouse..."arbor",hehe

  19. Blooming talaga, so nice. Need your prayers Dhemz, thanks for the visit.

    Need your prayers

  20. there's an easter egg hunting na rin pala in malls. you look good in your off shoulder top, mami dhemz.

  21. sexiness ng mommyness ah.. hehehe
    Late visiting from MYM! :) Stay happy!
    My MYM
    Shengkay’s Journal
    Shengkay Random Nest

  22. Ang saya naman.Kami dito lang sa bahay. you are so sexy dhemz and akesha is so cute.

  23. masaya naman pala ang pag celebrate niyo..

  24. maganda sana kung nakakuha kayo kahit isang egg..

  25. haguy. nganung wala man ka nagpasabak kay mr. bunny... hahahah. was here Dhemz...

  26. Gagganda ng photos ..right ka dyan iba ang celebration ng easter sunday dito pero i think meron na rin ganyan s mga malls dito .. Anyway, last saturday kami naman ay nasa puerto ..

  27. I just have to check you directly Dhemz. Ganda outfit ah. Colorful jud mo diha noh. Gusto ko rin magpa-picture kay Easter Bunny.


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