Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Celebration & Weekend Summary

How's your weekend guys? I hope y'all had a wonderful one. Our weekend was a busy one. How about you?
Last Friday, we celebrated our daughter's 5th birthday. We had a simple celebration at home. I made pancit and beef steak (pinoy style) for dinner. And of course cake! What Akesha wanted for her birthday was a puppy, but since hubby don't want to have another pet, we decided to buy her a cake puppy! Akesha had a blast opening her birthday presents. Thanks to all her sponsors. Will blog about it later...I also would like to thank ya'll for leaving a birthday greetings. Much appreciated.

Weekend Summary:

- Went to the car shop
- Stopped by at Walmart
- Watched the Fiesta parade that lasted for 4 hours

- Wasn't able to attend church
- Did some of the laundry
- Went fishing half day, and only caught 6


  1. Happy Birthday to her!

    visiting you from the hop..

    i would love if you can visit one of my blogs to;

    thanks =)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make church; I hope you're feeling good. I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Dhemz.

  3. aw, ka cute sa puppy cake ni Akesha hehehe..dalaga na jud hapit imong baby langga sis,saon nalang. your weekend sounds fun..dako kaau ng boots sa cowboy hehehehe.

    lovely picture of you and Akesha sa last pic. patilawa unya mi sa imong kuha nga isda sis ha

  4. wo..grabe ang weekend ka busy..naunsa nang boots gituntong naman..hehe tinood na nga boots?

    Happy na birthday pa si akesha with that cake:)


  5. nyahahaha.. Ok ra na oi... dagko man kaha! hhaha.. was here quick Dhemz... gapahilot ko kay gipamaulan ko hahaha.

  6. YAY! I am just in time for the pretty charmer's burpday! Happy birthday Pretty Akesha! Hugs and kisses from the Philippines!

    Hapit na jud naa na kay dalaga Dhemz. I love all the pics. And the cake pup is so cute, LOL!

    I am glad I made it here. Been a while. Busy keeu ko uy!


  7. Wow Tita, I love the puppy cake!!

    Would you please come and see my Blues? Thanks a lot!

  8. Happy Birthday Akesha. Nice cake you have. My blue monday is here and my MYM is here

  9. belated happy birthday uli kay Akesha.....

  10. It looks pretty. You both are adorable...Happy blue Monday.

    Mine is here

  11. Happy birthday akesha late si tita bumati .. Ang cute naman ng puppy cake na yan love it ..

  12. what a fun weekend you got Dias fam. Busy d i inyong weekend tsang, amoa ky dili pero super tapuls. perti sd nku panglimpyo nya karon pa nag labadami ky gikapoy nku atong weekend uy

    Ka cute sa puppy ni akesha hehehe, may gani wala miingon nga iya lng i decorate ang cake hehehe

    sus ani na gyud ato birthday sa merica, kita kita lng intawn pero nindot sd, less gasto.

    Ka nindot gd sa inyong suba diha tsang, pwedi naka magbuhi ug kohol hehehehe jok lng. na hala ni lili ko diri bayot

  13. ang first pic kay pareho ra tanan ninyo smile hehehe

    ang 2nd pic, galibog ko, unsa man na cake nga boots? o sa parade na..kagamay ba sa tao, miniture nah? nyahahaha ...kalisud ba aning 4 ang mata oi, di man ka klaro hehe

    sus kaayo ra diay sa imong fishing dah kay kanunay man ka kuha hehe.

    kanang dog cake ni Akesha..sayang man na kaonon oi. hehe

    gihangak ko sa imong comment sa ako MP Dhemz, hahahaha imo gipakyaw hahaha

    TY kaayo oi hehe

  14. Awwww pagkaganda naman ng magnanay na ititch hehehe... Mukhang madami kang mahuhuli nyan sis, attracted kasi sa get up mo ang mga fish weeee...

  15. Fiest? I love fiestas. So much fun talaga. Oi, nakita ko na naman ang cake na yan. Haha. Kagutom. Btw, hapi bday again dear Akesh!

  16. Blooming man ang mga beauty ninyo dira sistah.. Hiyang jud sa weather sa Texas.. Oh my gosh... 5 years old na diay si Akesha... Belated happy birthday sa munting dalaga.

    Mao jud na diri sa US, kita2x ra mag celebrate ug birthday..mayo sad kay menus sa gastos hahaha...

    Ka cute sang birthday pooch ni Akesh ah..murag mas gusto mo pa pang decorate instead of ingesting it hahaha.

    Thanks sa dalaw... mao sad me diri, wa na time blog hop masyado.. kapuy si lola hahaha..

    Anyway, missed our chika2x na.. mwahness..

  17. Busy weekend indeed!
    Lovely photos :)

    To reach Cibubur (it's still in the same province), the toll road fee is about $8

  18. I couldn't imagine why the parade lasted for 4 hrs! But for sure it was fun, right? I'm a new follower. Hope you can also check out my entry . Thank you!

  19. Fishing is quite usual in other countries. I remember when I went to macau. I can see people fishing in every lake, or river that I pass by! I think it's a very enjoying hobby. :)

    Mind to jump to my page also? Thanks!

  20. Happy birthday to her, that is one tasty cake! You have a really cute daughter. Natawa ako dun sa puppy cake nalang dahil ayaw ng totoong tuta. Hahaha!

  21. belated happy birthday to akesh! what a busy week sis!

  22. Happy Birthday again to Akesha. May she have many more blessed and abundant birthdays to come. You sure had a great birthday celebration for Akesha and she was ecstatic with the puppy cake and the other cake and with her presents. You did wonderful in your second fishing expedition. You caught six whereas you only caught four the first time. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  23. Smart choice of puppy cake instead of a real one. Ang cute!! Ha ha.. Sigurado na-enjoy ni Akesha ang kanyang puppy cake!
    May improvement ang fishing mo Dhemz ha?! Naka-anim ka na ng huli compared sa apat before. Sarap siguro nun 'no?! fresh na fresh! Penge! he he..

    Enjoy your day! Ingat lang lagi!

  24. You had such a busy week...hehehe!
    Happy birthday to Akesha!She's growing prettier and prettier just like Mommy.

  25. Such a beautiful family! Laki na ni Akesha pwede na sundan. As for me, one is good. I love the giant shoes sa picture.

  26. Belated happy bday akesh.... tell your mom pasensya na kay wala pa niabot akong order nga regalo

  27. ka-baskog nimo ug lawas yotch oi,. hehehe au mo dinha kay daghang kalingawan. Loved seeing your happy smiles.


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