Friday, March 4, 2011

Professional Poker School

In as much as I found most contestants from the TV show Bank of Hollywood not appealing, many contestants have received the money they asked. And, I thought, the celebrity panelists were the most mean, until my eyes were fixated on Vanessa Rousso. She's not only beautiful on-screen, but so eloquent and gosh, she's known to have a high I.Q. A valedictorian in her class, a member of the national Honors Society both in the U.S and France, an athlete, and moreover, she had finished her collegiate 4-year course in just two and a half years!

After dropping out on law school she has become a poker player. And, my! Has she attended a professional poker school, that, at the age of 28, she ranks among the top five women in poker history in terms of all-time money winnings? How's that for a feat! She's probably the number one reason why I got so interested in playing poker.