Monday, March 21, 2011

Exhausting Weekend

I'm back to blogging! For me, it's been awhile since the last time I blog hopped. I hope to make up those days. Pardon me people, I've been busy in real life and I just made myself invisible. Anyhow, how's your weekend? Ours was exhausting! We spent our whole weekend running errands and doing some yard works.
From daughter with love. So sweet!
Hubby and I were too busy doing our backyard project, while Akesha and Buddy were busy chasing each other. They're super hyper.
Sign of Spring, and I'm lov'n it!
Our on going project.


  1. What a sweet daughter! I love spring!...Christine

  2. What a cutie your daughter.......nice blue pants she's wearing. have a great day!!!

  3. good luck sa backyard project niyo.......

  4. Welcome back. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dhemz.

  5. agoy ka busy diay ni akesh ug ni buddy.

    akesh looks grown up with her new hair mami...

    sige padayon diha sa imong project... left you offline lilia nya unya to

  6. Hello Dhemz! Time for spring na jud. I bet Akesha loves spring. We all love spring. How are you? Mine is up - My GLM

  7.'s good spring time na jud diha sis.. hahaha kisiaw ba sa 2 imo mga babies kay bugtawanai..

    anyway great shots sis..

    my entries:
    1st time in Sights and Sounds
    Messy workplace

  8. wow! pasuroya nya mi diha sa inyong backyard ha? hehehe... visit ko sa imong green monday entry sis!

    Pink Memoirs

  9. Yay Happy Spring to you Dhemz

  10. following your blog now! don't you just love the spring! ;)

  11. busy busy ah yehey spring time na dyan happy happy :)

  12. You guys have pretty yard already, imagine the bermuda was like a magic hehe. naa gyud ka magic touch bayot and kamao sa ug designing pwedi naka mag himu ug landscaping bizniz

    Mura si akesha ang pina kabusy ninyong tulo, uy its not easy to be a kid jumping and running around and about hehehe

  13. Wow, spring na gyud diay diha. Diri kay first month of Autumn na sad mi. Great pics


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