Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chinese Scrolls

I bought a couple of Chinese scrolls during our visit to the Asian Festival weekends ago. I am very fascinated with Chinese writing. How I wish I know how to read them. I paid $45.00 for these two scrolls. I know it seems a little bit too high, but I just love them.
Hundred Happiness. A100 different ways to write the word 'Happiness'
I have no idea what this symbol means, anybody?

This is my entry for this week's Ruby Tuesday!


  1. aguy naa sd d i red diri hehehe, abi nku tua na ni passion. Ganahan ko basta mga chinese or korean stuff tsang, naa bitaw kaisa tsang didto ko sa korean store, kita ko ug korean doll, abi nku ug tag $4, so nangutana ko ky akong paliton, aguy tag $34 d i nya akong kwarta 20 ra waaaaa LOL.

    hirit ko suroy, ugma nku maninood ug bloghop

  2. ingon sa Dragaon, ang tag-iya aning nga blog, taga-an nako ug daghang grasya kay kabalo man pod sya mo-share sa iyang grasya hehehe...

    oi Dhemz, sa microworkers ba, pwede ra magka sunod sunod ang opps, maski walay pang interim, okay ra ba na? nag grab kuno ko ug isa oi, hahahaa

  3. Beautiful.......tugma ang post mong ito kasi ikaw ay pinay tapos may mga filipino na nasa china na ipinagpaliban muna ang pagbitay dahil sa droga,hehe..

  4. Parang related sa RT ko ah ... have time to check it hehe
    MY RT

    Medyo expensive to dhemz ha but as long as your happy ok yan :)

  5. suroy ko diri ron dhemz. tsada man pd imong gipalit. i love some chinese items, pwera nlng sa ilang mga toys nga naay lead content, haha.
    by the way, who's sponsoring RT meme ba? murag gusto ko mo join dah. I super like color red raba =)

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  6. yay!..mahal naman..pero dahil gusto mo at pera mo go!

    my Ruby Tuesday
    my MYM

  7. medyo mahal mahal pero nice kaayo dhemz. sorry no idea unsa ng symbol.

  8. I have stopped hanging calendars around here lol. That one is very pretty, very Chinese but I think I wouldn't like it knowing what dragons symbolize in the bible :) ingat!

  9. They are very pretty Chinese calendars. Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  10. Wow, that's quite expensive for two Chinese scrolls. You might have a few drops of Chinese blood in your veins that is why you are so much interested in knowing the Chinese language. Why not inquire online on how to study the Chinese language. There may be free online lessons from the Chinese authorities. Dragon is the universal symbol of the Chinese for power and prosperity. The dragon is the strongest and mightiest creature of the Chinese mythology. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  11. Hi sis. Droppin by here. Take care


  12. I can't read it, too. Pretty one :)

    Thanks for dropping by

  13. wala ako alam sa symbols.. wow, ang mahal hihi..

  14. Hiningi mo sana sis yung nakasulat kung ano hehehe.. kami naman eh korean ang scroll na nandito but family names lang ang nakasulat


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