Tuesday, January 4, 2011


How's your New Year celebration everyone? I hope you had a pleasant one. Our celebration was opposite. It was awful. We're sick during New Year's day. All of us three. We spent our New Year at home, SICK! We're feeling a little bit better now. No fever anymore...only congestion.
Some cold and flue meds....Each of us have a box of Kleenex. We may not have a joyous celebration... but as long as we are all together, that's what it matters. We kissed at midnight though...lol!
Here's the little miss taking a cat nap. What a nice pillow you have there little missy!

This is my entry for this week's Blue Monday.


  1. My husband and I have a bad cold too.

    Happy Blue Monday, Dhemz.

  2. Me and my dear hubby were sick too Dhemz. Fortunately, I was able to take medicine and it did not spread out. Ater a day of terrible feeling, I am back to normal but my husband is still having a cold until now. Hope all of you are feeling well. Take care and have a nice day.

  3. aw sorry to hear you were all sick mami...

    cute pic of buddy and akesh... siguro nakaingon si buddy pagkapaet sa ahong life hehehe

    get well soon for the blogging marathon wahehehe

  4. sad to hear about that sis...pero sagdi lang kissed man gihapon hehehe... bawi2x ra. Get well soon, hope for no more kleenex.

  5. pwede ra diay matulogan ng iro nuh? maau kay dli mo palag intawon...

    kami dhemz, wla nuon na sick but busy dris balay. as in ng xmas ug new year nga gubot kaaU...

    Get well soon

  6. Great photos. Hope you all are feeling better now. Happy Blue Monday.

  7. I have a sniffle now too sis but bearable naman.. Love the best buddies pic!

    My blue Monday post.

  8. Sorry you and family wee ill during this special time.In our area,there is so much flu like stuff going around.

  9. just a piece of advised: drink plenty of water.

    buddy and akesh looks great on that shot...they are like best of friends

  10. hope everyone is in good health. Take care then

    Have a nice BM
    Happy New Year!
    Lifemoto BM

  11. was here and i love reading your posts, can we exchange links?

  12. hoizzt.. madam sis, karon pa ko kabalik, na-jetlag og nadayonan ang bakasyon.. hehehe! Maau pa ka dha maskin sick ky banat japun og post.. which is cool.. how's u guys now? HOpe all are well. muahhh!

  13. aguy akoy naluoy ni buddy gihimung onlan ni akesha hehehe. kabuotan ni buddy he knows that his amo is sick hehehe.

    Hope okay namu diha tsang, ug mawala na ng congestion ky aguy kakapoy basta ping ot ilong. Kalooy uy na yayay mn ang Dias Family, basin after effect na sa inyong ka busy thius year bayot. labi na this last few months ninyo, from moving to trips and everything in between pa jd. mao naluya ug na sakit na ky nakapahuway naman

    kisses and hugs

  14. Kawawa naman kayo na lahat me sakit sa pagsalubong sa New Year. I hope all of you are alright now and have already recovered. Kawawa naman si Akesha na nakatulog sa ibabaw ng pet dog niya. Matindi kasi ang weather diyan sa inyo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  15. ay, that's too bad. at least your little princess got to take a rest.

    take care!!

  16. At least you're gather together :)
    Hope you all are much better today...

    Love seeing the closeness between Akesha and Buddy....

  17. Get well soon. I hope you're feeling better now. That's a lot of cold and flu "gadgets". Happy New Year!

  18. Dhemzzzz musta na??? Long time ah :)

    Awww naku wawa naman kayo at may sakit pagpasok ng New Year...I hope you guys are feeling ok now.

  19. Oh that sad girl anyway ok naman kaya mo ron, you are exactly right as long as you three are together, that matters most. Ka comfy sa pillow ni akesha hehehe

  20. I hope you all are feeling fine now! Ka cute sa pic ni Akesha with Buddy. Comfy gyud kaayo iyang pillow..heheh

  21. awww...kawawa diay mo sa New Year sis kay ngsakit..pero like what u said although u didn't have a joyous celebration basta sama-sama kamo sa New Years ok na.. Nice kaau og bonding si little missy nimo og ni buddy


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