Sunday, January 23, 2011

Muchas Gracias!

One of the many traditions that we inherited from the Dias family is to write a newsletter. Greg and I started writing our first newsletter last December of 2005. I remember our very first greeting card with our dog, Buddy. I think I was 3 months pregnant with Akesha. This is our recent family greeting card.
Blogging rocks! I've been so blessed to have met awesome people online. Their genuine friendship means so much. Thanks a lot guys! I also would like to thank everybody who greeted me and my family on Facebook  .

Greeting Cards across the globe:
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And oh btw, hope you guys can join these giveaway contest. It's open to all bloggers around the globe. So what are you waiting for? Just click the banners to join!


  1. agoy ka buotan sa mga senders lol

    of course join ako sa mga contest na yan kahit i never win pa!

  2. Join ako yey. Meron din pala si badingding.. Ako di na nagpa giveaway, review na lang lagi hahaha... Hirap kasi manginvite eh lol..

  3. awww ka sweet mo bayot, you posted jd, akoa wala pa ky nag sge pko ug pa uyong sa capital T tapulzzzzzzz hehehe.

    Thanks too bayot, i enjoyed reading your newsletter, i think its a good tradition to let your family and friends posted whats going on with your family diba. I like that tradition.

  4. Sweet tradition...
    If I have kid one day, I'll try to make this greeting card :)

  5. This is a very nice and sweet tradition. I missed writing letters because I do almost everything online.

  6. That is a cute greeting card.
    You are blessed with awesome people because you such a great friend.
    I will join the contest. hope I can grab a chance to post it this weekend.

  7. nice family pics you have sis. enjoy your weekend.

  8. Enjoy girl, daghan daghan jud diay gibasa na mga greeting cards noh? Hehehe

  9. oi sis unsa ba starring man si journey dire... tnx so much sis... pasensya na at busy ang beauty ... soon post sad ko sa mga gwapa nga senders...

    Thanks mwah! mo apil ko ani nga contest oi nag invite sad ni sa akoa wala pa nako asikaso lol... agukoy.

  10. woizzt chowe madam sis, wla jud ko nakahulog bisa'g isa this time. huhuhu.. bawion nko next year. :(

  11. pwede apil aning Dias family spot blog giveaway, ai hapit naman diay ni mahuman huhuhu. naa gyod moy family ties ani ba.

  12. Such lovely card, Dhemz. Clicked on the link of your first newsletter. It was so refreshing to have read how you and Greg started out a beautiful family. I published a comment there, too.




  13. wow, Dili man ni uso sa amu hahaha.. in short wala nipadala ug card.. text lang.. lol.. agi ko Dhemz.

  14. we haven't done anything like that! siguro this year;)

  15. Hehehe, mas matanda pa pala si Buddy kay Akesha, dapat magmano siya dito, lol. You are sweet and wonderful that is why you have so many friends, even online ones. You are also very generous just like your kumares in Kumares, Inc. More power to your new contest. Thanks for the post. God bless you always. BTW, sorry for my absence. We have internet interruption in our internet service. Well, we all do sometimes.

  16. hmmm nalimutan ko na ito simula ma addict online hehe ..

    By the way i'm promoting my second blog, kindly check it HERE thanks a lot.

  17. Pssst, magupdate ka na hehehe... Missya!

  18. wa pa man diay ko ka join kay Tsang waaaaaaaaaaa...

    hehe staring diay sad ko dah! nice diay da imo latest christmas card dah! hulaton lang nako na sa sweden hehe.

    di pa ko kalarga dhemz kay ako sang ning humanon ning akong nephew nga 14 Y.O. nga muabot pod iya visa from Canada kay wa jud mo assist sa iya...hangyo man gud ako manghud sa canada nga tabangan sa nako iya anak kay di man ka uban-uban ako mama ani nya...isa pa, dili man close ako nephew sa iya lola ( you know the ugali of my mother dear)...pero human noon mi ug medical sa iya, sa gamay na lang antos...CFO na lang pod sunod hehe

  19. again, tnx for the card, warms my heart.

    and, ur contest...will check it out tomorrow ^_^


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