Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Importance of Pool Covers

My husband and daughter @ my SIL's pool.
Three of my in-laws owns a swimming pool. We like to visit them during summer time when we used to live in California and had a barbecue party by the pool. I would say they have a pretty decent size swimming pool.
I believe they purchased a new pool cover this year. I just don’t know where they bought it from. Do you know that pool covers are important for swimming pool? They can help with energy conservation and they will reduce maintenance costs. There is a lot of information you should know before purchasing pool covers. So if you own a pool, you should checkout and see about getting your pool covered.


  1. haguy gusto jud namo nga naay swimming pool pud among dream house sis... arun dili na mi mag sigeg adto sa dagat kay wa na ma negra najud ko ani...hihihi!

  2. Ka sweet sa mag ama..hehehe..Nice photo.

  3. ka sweet jud sa mag-ama, unya ang inahan maniniyot tawon hehehehe

  4. I agree important gyud ang pool cover. Great post and photo.

  5. nice pic of dad and daughter

  6. Sus i wish summer na sd wla pa mn jd ko katilaw ug tubig sa pool sukad ari ko diri merica bayot hehehehe. tilaw mn jd. maayo pa ning imung mga amo swimmer.


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