Thursday, January 20, 2011

$20 Amazon Gift Card for only $10!

There's an awesome Deal going on right now that I encourage everyone to take advantage of while it lasts if available in your area.
If you act fast, you can get a $20 Amazon Gift Card for only $10! Plus, you'll get 280 Swag Bucks for completing this offer!

Click Here to get started.


  1. i have seen this but i don't shop at amazon so i just didn't get it

  2. pwede bani sa Pinas... hhehe..a gi ko Dhemz..

  3. mao Vernz, pwede kaya sa Pinas kay apil ta hehehe

    agi ko Dhemz..

  4. 5 bucks paypal pa lang nareredeemed ko sa swagbucks hehehe..

  5. Great deal.. but I haven't tried to shop in amazon.

  6. na wala mn paypal ang amazon uy imbis ganahan unta ko shopping diha.

  7. Sayang, hindi ako pwede diyan, hehehe. Thanks for the post and info. God bless you all always.


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