Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Getaway

My BIL and his family lives in a nice and upscale neighborhood off Granburry, near the lake. I really like living there, away from the city, very private and peaceful. The thing is...we can't afford to live that kind of lifestyle. I am contented of what we have right now.
We supposed to leave and drive back to San Antonio the day after Thanksgiving, but my BIL insisted that we should stay an extra day. And so we did!
The weather was great during that day, so we went on a boat and then we went fishing. We did not caught any fish...we tried but no luck! weeeeeeee!
This is my entry for this week's Watery Wednesday.


  1. Wow sis! Ka-nice didtos imo BIL nga place oi.. Very serene... Kanindot sa boots nimo sis, naibog ko... hehehe... Aha na ang pics sa new haus kay gusto n kau ko motan-aw.. nyahahaha.. dli kahulat...

  2. Naa diay mos San Antonio dhemz? Naay filipino resto dha, Lily's Philippines Restaurant and Bakery. Didto man gud mi gakaon during weekends sa una while ga-schooling ako banana sa San Angelo...

    By the way and ipod touch sa walmart adtung black friday is regular price man ($225) pero naa sila $50 nga gift card with the purchase...

  3. that place looks so nice! I haven't done any fishing in my life, no patience to just sit and wait ;) but it's surely be relaxing to be near the lake.

  4. wow, ang galing naman ng family bonding nyo! ang ganda ng place :)

  5. wow, ang galing naman ng family bonding nyo! ang ganda ng place :)

  6. oh my! so nice ng view sis.. perfect thanksgiving getaway.. ^^

  7. i love the place, beautiful .. never try fishing

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  9. oh my! beautiful place!

    basin wala mo bait mami mao wala mo nakadawi hehehe

    yay! boots galore!

  10. You're giving your girl some fond memories of fishing trips!! Lovely photos.

    My Watery Wednesday Photo Hope you find time to visit with me.

  11. the place is awesome dhemZ
    dri winter kaaU

  12. This is the kind of place my husband and I would love to be, but like you said can't afford that lifestyle as of now. LOL! Great holiday vacation mommy Dhemz!

    Adin B

  13. Wow it looks pretty place to visit...Happy WW!

    Mine is here

  14. Naku yakang yaka mo kayang tumira dyan sis, sa isip mo lang yan di ka makaafford hehehe..

  15. i love their place bayot grabe ka luxurious hehehe. Sus intawn ang taga syudad nag jacket ug nanghiyugpos na, tugnaw siguro. I just love the lake. sus kita ani bisag pita oir kanal way ato heheheheh.

    Agi ko bayot nag adgi ko maynlng madatu makapalit ko ug isa ka sakong lake hahahaha.

    Good luck sa moving tsang and dont forget to rest sometimes. ang mga movers ipaputos hehe. kisses sa kulot. love the boots bayot.

  16. HI Dhemz, wow, this is so pretty ... love to just chill dropping by after quiet a time that Iwas out of circulation... agi ko..

  17. wow ka nice sa lugar sis oi..breathtaking kaau ang view. NIce sad pagkakuha sa photos.. For sure neg-enjoy jud mo. bahala na walay kuha isda basta enjoy mo sa place..

  18. Ang ganda ng place.
    Miss ko na tuloy ang fishing. Malamig na kasi. :)

  19. Yes, your BIL is very fortunate indeed to live in an upscale location near a lake. It is so peaceful and serene in that place. Akesha had a grand time trying to catch fish but had no luck. You all look great and wonderful. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  20. hi pretty mom, ang ganda naman ng view dyan, marunong ng magfishing ang dalaginding mo.

  21. hi demz,so nice naman ang view so relaxing and sayang wala fish. lub ko din ang fishing kahit medyu matagal nakahntay.
    Busy kaba? ask ako ng help.kung di ka busy?
    chat tayo sa FB.

  22. haguy ang boots nga naka display (post) sa isa ka blog, gisuot na...inggit akitch waaaaaaa..

    nah, ka nice jud mopuyo ug ingon ana Dhemz, as in parang walang problema, problema lang sigro kung mu apaw ang tubig nyahahaha.

    Ang Akesha, namasol kuno nyahahaha..

    ka nice sa inyong getaway oi...bonggalicious hehehe

  23. Very nice place. So relaxing! Kung ako siguro ang nandyan, parang I wouldn't want to leave the place anymore. Tulad kay Akesha, I'll just sit there and fish all day! Lol! You look great with your fab shades!

  24. Love the pics here, and the scenery from them shows very well. Very costly for me, too.

    Oh, and I'm not fisherman. I know I wouldn't have caught any either. LOL!

    Have a great weekend my friend!

  25. it's good to be back here...seeing beautiful places. the lake would calm my thoughts, perhaps:) lots have been happening in my life lately...i think i needed a respite...

    i made a project w/c was inspired by one of ur older post

  26. i'll be hopping on ur other blogs as soon as my ebb feelings subsides:)))

  27. a pgkaguapa ba nimo dhemz! ka lami ba sa inyong life oi, pa fishing2x lang, ehehe..
    bitaw, mamasko ko diri. nice kaayo inyong pics, beautiful pd kaayo inyong scenery ;-)


    Water here and water there,
    Water, water everywhere!
    Water to restore the soul,
    Water in a cup or bowl;
    Water gushing in the sink,
    Water clear or dark as ink;
    Water in the stream and bog,
    Water for the newt and frog;
    Water to refresh the wheat,
    Water washing dusty feet;
    Water chasers everywhere
    With loud praises do declare
    That there is no finer thing—
    Water is both queen and king!

    © 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Watery Canvas

  29. wow, i would love to try fishing too..hehe.. kakarelax naman..

  30. ang ganda ng lake it is so at peace

  31. Ka nice sa place. Agoy mora ug tugnaw naman kaayo diha diay. Putos na gyud mo ug maayo. Diri kay summer na. Lingaw kaayo si Akesha ug pamasol. nakakuha ba siya?


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