Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Golden State Welcomes Us Back!

Hello everyone! Guess where I am right now! I'm back in California! My family and I arrived yesterday afternoon. We are currently staying in a hotel near the Air Force Base. The main reason why we are here in California is to attend my FIL's 90th birthday this coming Sunday. We flew six days early so Greg can work a little bit of his time in the military. We will be home on Monday.
Here's my little miss, trying to read the safety information brochure.
It was a beautiful weather when we left yesterday from Texas....BUT
When we arrived at Sacramento, it was pouring rain!
I'm glad this hotel has a fast wi-fi internet access. I can blog!!!!!!!! Yipppeeeeeee...Hoping to catch up with y'all!


  1. buti naman my wi-fi, i can't live ata without net na=)

  2. Hello Ms Dhemz :-) Congrats dahil my wifi sa hotel sana wifi din dito samin para wala ng bill na babayaran sa internet... heheh

  3. Welcome back to blogging yippppeee,. kala ko sis 16 pa kayo aalis hehehe... Love ko yung pic ni akesh hehehe.

    Sige at aalis muna kami, mwah.. nanny ako today lol..

  4. Hello and Congrats for arriving safely to your destination, Dhemz and Family. Sarap naman nang feeling na dyan kayo sa warm place tas umulan pa. Dito, its freezing rain. brrr. Not so in the mood of blogging coz its cold and I got nothing to share but all about snow. lol. Sige, lupad2x sa mo dinha. Ako diria, apas pud sa akong blogging mode. kita kitz lang ta yotch in blogging. :)

  5. ka-busy tlg ng life ng jetsetter na magmommy na ito:)))
    ur fil's 90, that really needs a celebration...i'm missing my dad again:((( it's his bday on jan 3rd:(((


    hope it will be sunny there in the west coast.

  6. loved ur share of rubies here, dhemz (riz)

  7. Akesha loves flying huh. Sarap nama sa Calif. Nyay, umuulan? :(

  8. sige diay mo byahe girl noh? pila ba ka hours ang texaS Sa california

  9. Thanks to advanced technology, we can blog almost anywhere :)

    It's a great view...


  10. haguy ka busy diay kaayo sa akong sissy oh! musta na sis? gimingaw na kaayo ko sa imo... huhuhu!

  11. i wanna fly to NJ too kaso wala na koy lana! mahal ng pamasahe I need over 1K for all of us and that I don't have! huhuhu

  12. yay, ang little traveler, mi fyl fly na pod...mura korek, basa basa kuno sa safety info broc. hehehe

    ka nice baya sa smile sa kulot oi..hehe lami ingkiton haha

    nice pod ang 2nd pic Dhemz..hehe

    ham and cheese ra ko Dhemz, nya walay bread, di ko patunto sa pagkaon kay dali ra ko hangakon kung mutaba...waaaaaaa

  13. hi! i can't wait to go back to CA. Medyo matagal pa siguro.

  14. Aypa c Akesha kay nagbasa sa brochure. Good girl jud ning daughter nimo dhemz oi. Ganahan lagi ko sa kuha sa imong camera kay perte ka klaro. I guess I have to throw my camera and replace it with a new and better one...lol....

  15. ka cute ni Akesha oi in her Dora cap. i thought balik na mo sa Cali sis nga naa na raba mo new home sweet home sa Texas...hehehe attend ra diay tog birthday sa FIL. happy 90th birthday nalang sa imong father in law sis.

  16. Enjoy your times there, Dhemz and happy 90th birthday to your FIL. Very nice pics..

  17. Hello Dhemz I thought ning balik mo ug puyo sa Cali. My greetings to your FIL. Happy Wednesday!
    Red Tuesday

  18. Wow, long life pala ang gene ni Akesha! Your fil is 90?!! That's something really to celebrate!
    Parang next town lang liparin ang California ah! Wala lang... pa-pasyal-pasyal lang sa ibang state.. sarap mo naman Dhemz!!

  19. Halu bayot, imu unta ko gi kuyog ky ang groaund diha brown, diri ky white huhuhu.

    Good to know that you guys got there safe and sound and happy. kabasa na d i na si kulot bayot?

    miss chatting with you aguy, go go go zoom wifi, ayaw nlng mo uli texas hehehehe.

    btw, tagae ko inyo new address bayot. kisses sa kulot mwahsmoochess

  20. Wow Thanks for flying southwest, My husband is a pilot of SWA. Nice Blog.

    I'm following u now, please follow me back, thanks.



    Leave me a message and link if you have other blogs so i can follow that too.

  21. Oi, ikaw pala friend nang sister ko si Sheila A.K.A shy, ur moving to texas diba?

    I'm adgitize-ing here... happy moving and happy x-max to the family!

  22. Sa California pala kayo magpa pasko. Mabuti naman at hindi kayo masyadong maga adjust sa mga nakagawian nyo nang dati. Ang cute naman nang photo ni Akesha inside the plane. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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    He wore it to work and to bed;
    His pj’s were scarlet,
    Though he was no varlet—
    He simply liked everything red.

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    Ruby Tuesday: Old Story

  24. Enjoy your time in California! Happy 90th Birthday to your FIL as well. :) Have a safe flight back home!

    Adin B

  25. Be safe Dhemz...
    Busy jud ako life

  26. Enjoy your time in Cali, hey at least it isn't snowing!!

  27. Enjoy Cali,Mommy Dhemz and extend my birthday greetings to your FIL^_^

    Happy Holidays!

  28. Enjoy your stay there sis! Pasalubong hehehe!


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