Thursday, December 23, 2010

FIL 90th Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday was my FIL's 90th birthday. We had a grand celebration during his special day. I believed there are over 150 guests who came to his party. Some of them came from other states including us. It was great seeing some of the Dias clan once again.
Dad's awesome cake made by our pretty niece Clara. 
Everything is edible except the 90 candle. The cake's flavor are vanilla and chocolate.
Hope to see you on Easter dad!

I was going to wear my red sandal that I bought online, but one of the rhinestone fell off....nyahahah!
 I'm glad I brought a spare of shoes with me.
Some of the Dias Children....
Some of the grandkids....
And some of the in-laws.....


  1. Mamords kaayo ka bayot, hubag kaayo hehehe. preha namo ug shoes mami lu mga sapatos sa mga fabulous ug datu nga poors nga mommy corporation ba waaaaa.

    Sus kadagan jd sa Dias clan bayot no. Im sure you FIL was so overjoyed with the celebrattion that you guys had put up.

    Ug dili nka ganahan sa imung shoes, atong dad on sa sapatosan papun an natu ug size aron ma size 8 kjy akoon na waaaa.

    ka gwapa ni akesh dalaga na jd siya.

  2. awww i love your outfit and your shoes. beautiful family.

    btw, thank you for your tips, i actually had two sponsored posts and i just joined one of the websites you told me.

  3. mami love your shoes. dis a nimo na gipalit kay i want to buy one ug dili gani ipadala na dire pinaskuhan nimo. mudawat ko with open arms. no problema kay pareha man ta ug shoe size. i will wait ha aho isuot new year wahahahaha

  4. Wow, wow, I just figure out that we have the same things:
    - The same name of our husband: Greg
    - Our husband is from big family. He is the youngest from other 9 brothers and sisters

    Merry Christmas and Happy holidays, Dhemz!

  5. Nyahahahaha kaya pala I was looking for the red sandal tapos itim nakita ko hahaha.. Great get up sis.. I can see how your FIL was so happy that day!

  6. it's wonderful to see all the family together--enjoying each other's company in a very special occassion such as this.

  7. happy birthday to your FIL!
    Merry Christmas Dhemz!
    P.S. ang ganda ng shoes mo.. ^-^

  8. Happy big family!
    Your FIL looks healthy and handsome...wish him good health :)

  9. Tsang Merry Christmas to you, Akesha, Greg and Buddy

  10. Wow, what a grand celebration of your FIL's 90th birthday. Once again you were able to meet the whole Dias clan in America. Your photos are all so fantastic. Akesha is very pretty and smart. And you are wonderful too. I like your shoes, it's something out of the ordinary. Thanks for your post. God bless you all always.

  11. Wow, 90th birthday! He doesn't even look 90, dhemz.. Belated happy birthday to him.

    Nice shoes , bagay man kaayo sa imong legs. love it.

  12. Hinde rin pahuhuli ang beauty mo,Mommy Dhemz!You look gorgeous!

    Extend my greetings to your FIL--mukhang mabait ang FIL mo ^_^


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