Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Monday Workout

This guest post from Margaret Mills

On Monday two hours are spent in preparation for going to the gym. This include showering, filling my bag up with gym clothes, and hygiene accessories. Getting dressed sometimes can become as decisive as deciding what type of clothing to wear. Depending on the weather, the style of clothing could range from a T-shirt to a sweat suit. Choosing to which pair of shoes to wear depends on the type of workout being done. For bench routines the best shoe-wear are boots giving more support to the foot-base.
Going to the gym has it's rituals. Monday is a day for all bench workouts ranging from the chest workouts, crunches, and arm workouts. Gloves are needed for grabbing the long or short bar. A clean towel, and some foot powder [for anti-bacterial protection, and decreasing calluses]. All these items are part of the gym bag accessories.
Before leaving the house I make a few last minute checks. I check with the spotters to see if the workout is going to be outside or indoors. It normally determines the location where, if the workout is indoors. Then it's understood the workout is going to be at the gym. At last before leaving the house I set the home security alarm from allhomesecurity.com/ prior to going to the gym. Arriving at the park, we do an all cardio workout.


  1. I do workout everyday before i go to work.

  2. Thanks for the guest posts...murag nihit na jud opps karon oy...

  3. ay sa blogsvertise diay ng GP...oo dhemz, member pod ko sa BV pero wa ko kabalo ani...try nako visit ni kung unsaon hehehe

  4. nakatamaran ko pumunta ng gym sis.. meron dito sa condo free gym kaso tamad ako.. haha..

  5. haguy murag kinahanglan jud nako nang mag work out sis! hehehe

  6. Pwede ba sumama magwork out hehehe..


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