Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Going to a NASCAR Race

Posted by Jonathon Murphy

The best part about going to a NASCAR Race is the collisions. Let's face it, nobody goes to a track full of tar and pollution, putting them at risk for various cancers of the lungs and the ears(noise pollution), without good reason. My reason is to watch things explode. I want to see two cars inflict maximum damage on each other. I want to see gas tanks on fire, I want to see drivers stop, drop, and roll. Then I want to see those drivers engage each other in fisticuffs. See, watching NASCAR isn't about rooting for any one driver, it is about rooting for mayhem and death. I go to NASCAR to see the bottom of a car doing aerials like a snowboarding hippie.
After all, these cars are doing nothing but going in circles, and watching a NASCAR race can often be an exercise in vertigo, which I get. Yet there is no way I am going to blink, not once per race, because, I don't want to miss the instant the fiery death happens and the parts come spewing out into the flimsy fence that guards the spectators and their young children. This is another reason I love going to a NASCAR race, because you never know who's going to be in danger. On the other hand, I am not a stupid man, and there's no reason to leave the home with setting the home security alarm with ADT Security cellguard, which I do before every NASCAR race I go to.


  1. Good morning madam!...GP on the loose again!...yeah!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! abtika ni sassychick oi! 1 minute lang ang ligas... lol!

  3. si hubby.. yan ang mga tipong panoorin..

  4. yay go go GP. wala pko ka check wala na siguro

  5. I don't because I am scared of driving lol

  6. I want to watch but never the chance!

  7. kumusta ang weekend sa rancho dias hehehehe

  8. not my type.. nakakatakot..hehehe


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