Thursday, September 30, 2010

Giveaway Mechanics

Hi guys! As a token of appreciation to all my readers and commenters, I am going to host another giveaway contest. So welcome again to my 3rd Giveaway Contest! For a change I am going to alter the mechanics, and this time it's based on comments. If you don't understand the mechanics, just please let me know!  And who knows you might get all the PRIZES. I hope you better pay attention!! So here it goes:

NOTE: If a blogger left multiple comments on the same post, I'll count it as 1 point.

What Happens if there is a Tie? Well I'll use a live drawing.

1st prize (purse + earrings + bracelet)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on my 5 blogs wins.

2nd prize (4GB + wetseal cardigan)
A blogger who gains the most number of comments on my 5 blogs wins (I will randomly draw the winner if there's a tie)

3rd prize (betty boop hat + avon perfume)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on "My Life's Perception & Inspiration" blog wins.

4th prize (Charlotte Russe tank + watch + earrings)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on "The Dias Family Spot" blog wins.

5th prize (wetseal tank + watch + earrings)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on "Savour D' Flavour" blog wins.

6 winners of Sunglasses
(First 3 commenters of the month on my Shopping Reviews & Great Finds & Stuff blog wins)

3 Necklace
( First 3 top commenters of the month on my "Me & My Passion" blog wins.)

Plus a bonus cash prize worth $50.00 (2 winners of $15.00 & 2 winners of $10.00)
To qualify:
1.Visit, FOLLOW, and ADD these sponsored blogs
2. Blog about the giveaway contest and place the badge on your side bard.
3. Please please please, don't forget to add your link HERE! Note: I am not responsible if you missed adding your link.


I am going to provide a FIRST COMMENTER linky love on each blog posts (from October 1st -31st) and also an excel sheet every Sunday (US central time) for score updates. Giveaway starts from October 1st to October 31st. Good luck guys!

WINNERS will be announced on the 7th of November or earlier.


  1. Hahhaha... na tamaan jud ko ani... PLEASE PAY ATTENTION... Lol... saon man gud daghan man attention sis mao wala kabalo sa ubang instruction hahah...

    Agoy sponsor man diay si tsang ani... ka bongga sa mga prizes oi maagang pamasko ito... tagalog gamay sis haha...

  2. I am paying attention and i am going to win and win and win!

    sorry nalang kayo i will be the winner!

  3. Grabeh sina Anne at Lulu naman talaga ang nangunguna. Waa!!! hehehe, I wanna win again. hehehe. Good luck to everyone joining. XO to you Dhemz.

  4. Aguy! Mkadaug ba kha ko ani nga absinot man ko.. hehehe

  5. sis there link for this blog In Pursuit of Success

    click is nothing out

  6. walang Link yung 2nd Sponsor? Taz broken din link nung contest button

  7. Gusto kong tumambling sis. Haha. Ang hirap po ng mechanics. Huhuhu. Talo na ko. Hahaha. Anyway, I like your blogs so I'll see what I can do. Muah.

  8. Hahaha sis nalito ako sa comment.. re: multiple comment...1 comment?
    I'm gonna win nananana lol..

  9. Wahhh ang engot ko, gets ko na sis lol.. teka, iiwan lang ba sa comment yung link?

  10. I follow all blogs, so mean one post is only one comment?

  11. Hello Dhemz. Wow another give-away contest. Grabe ka daghan sa prizes. Kumusta na u my friend. Thanks diay pag-add nako sa facebook.

  12. Kalami ba sa imong contest......okay mo-join ko...hehehe...pero murag makalibog man ang mechanics uy....sige sabton sa nako hah.

  13. count me in sis, pero medyo nalilito pa rin ako sa mechanics hehe .. =)

  14. ako din mejo nalito, anu ba itu, pabilisan magcomment, o puyatan, wahhhh:)))

  15. pastilan ni dhemz, absenot sad kong dako

  16. pastilan ni dhemz, absenot sad kong dako

  17. Apil sad ang beauty ni lola hahaha... pero daw pirdi jud kay padaghan man ug comments diay.. but will try.

    Hello sistah, mustamos na ka diha sa lone ranger of the east "did i say it right"? hihihi.

    Your busy sistah is working overtime to have a baby girl soon :), will let you know... *fingers cross.

  18. sis dhemz, i joined your 2nd giveaway. di na nako makita ang akong comment sa announcement of winners. ask ko kung nacount ba ang akong entry or naa ko nalimtan/namali mao wala ko sa list of participants? TY for your reply. will try my luck this time but asking para di nako mamali :)

    iamtorque15 gmail com

  19. hello sis, kamusta? Nice give aways...Ni apil ko sa second contest unfortunately wla lang ka daog..

    btw, sis, please join also my birthday bash contest...ehheheh sponsors are also welcome to join.

  20. Aguy bayot tua nku sa tumoy hehehehe. na hala mangadlawon ning uban ug comment laliman ka first commenter. I love the mechanics bayot mao na klaro aron walay hit and run hehehe

  21. weeehhh!!Exciting naman tong contest mo,Mommy Dhemz!For sure sali ako!!^_^

  22. ano ba cell no. mo para ipopost mo pa lng magco comment na ko, hehehe.. sana makahabol khit sa first commenter mn lng. :P

  23. I will join Dhemz! Hope I am going to win this time..hehehe

  24. waaaaaaaa dia ko sa kinatumyan...tabang...ako na ning itudo ang alarm clock kay magadlwon jud ko ani aron maka daug...hahahaha

    si Tsang diay, wa na nako gi-add kay naka add naman daan sya sa akong iTravel nya didto man ko nag post...okay ra?

  25. haguy! basta ang akong nasabtan sis mag comment lang ko permi sa tanan nimong mga blogs! waaaaaaaaaaaah! chege oi mangadlawun pud ko ani ... hihihih!

  26. Ako pud absinot...wahaha...naa ba kaha koy chance all the prizes pa naman madam...

  27. Toink! Kulilat ko ani na contest kay daot ang akoang laptop.Pwede next giveaways na lang? jejeje...

  28. Bongga naman ng mga prizes mo dhemz. Nakaka tempt naman to, parang gusto ko kita dalawin minu mnuto, hahaha. I am not familiar with your other blog site, ngayon ko lang nalaman na you are hosting 5 sites. hmmm, i will try my luck and will join tomorrow. late na kasi dito ngayon.

  29. Hello Dhemz! I am here, thanks for inviting me to your 3rd giveaway. Malay lang natin na manalo pala ako kasi di na ako busy sa work... Let's do this! Thanks Dhemz!

  30. I have to passed this time, the mechanics are too complicated to my little brain, lol! I'll just let the others win the fab prize and congrats to future winner!

  31. i'll take take note to each of the mechanics.. of course i'm joining! :) i shall return.. :)

  32. sis dhemz, thanks for stopping by my site. spent sunday morning gitrace jud nako hehehe dili lagi ko gusto mamali na pud. don't know where to email you lang so comment na lang sa ko diri :)

    sa 2nd giveaway, tama man siguro ako follow sa imo instructions:
    1. subscribed to your 3 blogs (until now)
    2. followed your 3 blogs (until now)
    3. your 3 blogs on my blogroll (until now)
    4. your contest badge on my sidebar (until now)
    5. blogged about your giveaway
    6. left my link
    7. left my email iamtorque15 at gmail dot com
    nagcomment ko sa july 27 enter here post sa with the other participants, wala jud ko sa summary :(

    sis dhemz, pls advise para dili ko mamali diri sa 3rd giveaway lol... daghan pasensya ug daghan salamat.

  33. ugma ko sugod ani :)
    thanks for the giveaway sis dhemz! good luck sa tanan and everyone!

  34. Wow looks like you've got LOTS to giveaway :) My attention span isn't so hot right now so I will have to come back and reread your mechanics so I can join properly. Good luck with the giveaway! :)

  35. Hi again sis! I posted your giveaway button in my sidebar sa Pink MagaLine tho I'm not joining the money raffle. Hihi.

  36. Joining here Dhemz.. Posted my links on the entry page already..Thanks for the invite :)

  37. hi dhemz! you have fabulous prizes! pero pass muna ako sis ha? i still have problems with my connection...don't worry, i'll be around always:)

  38. im joining in..

    may question ako, comment on all your posts ba or only from october posts?

  39. nakupo.. super busy. padamihan ng comments, mukhang di ko kakayanin pero post ko ito sa Internet Treasures ko.


  40. nah murag dili jud ko kadaug ani hehehe pero girl I would post and promote this giveaway contest of yours and I mean now. hehehe ok lang di manalo nakadaug na sad pud bitaw ko kadtong first nimong give away hehehe

  41. im joining, here's my post

  42. hi this is my entry,

    i hope i've done it correctly. thanks for the contest

  43. nkapost njud ko sa akong blog post about this giveaway the way, open ni imo contest internationally sis? if it is, please count me in

  44. Hello Dhemz, my first time to join here. I hope magkadimao ko ani kay ma overwhelm ko sa daghan kaayo nga instructions hehe. Will come back pag maka post nako and fulfill some of the instructions. ^_^

  45. I posted about your giveaway here:

  46. Oh my, di kaya ng powers ko...kulelat na ako sa commenting..hehe

  47. Wow, lots of exciting prices here! Happy Mid-week!

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