Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some gaming strategy help

Guest post written by Bryan Couch

I spend a lot of nights hanging out with my friends from school and across the country. Obviously, location makes it kind of hard, but we all play live computer games together like Call of Duty .
Playing together with headphones so we can talk to each other is so much better than being in chat rooms or typing to each other on instant messenger. (I’m not even going to acknowledge social e-mail because only my parents still do that, or at least freely admit to doing it.)
Once I bought the gaming system to play this on, I helped my mom research internet service MI and convinced her to get wildblue so our Internet would be able to keep up with my game play. I had tried gaming before on my PC with the Internet service that we had before and I got stuck in important parts of levels before I made it to checkpoints. She agreed and got it for us.
Now my biggest concern is the actual game play and making sure our jokes don’t make us mess up.


Cacai M. said...

maajo ka pa madam sis kay nakakuha karon.. ako waz jamo.. hahahay.. but am happy for u! muahhh!

Unknown said...

Naks, nag GP mn si Perception,. akong simple wa gyud na katilaw ug Gp pwera buyag hehehe.

eden said...

Good for you Dhemz. Ang ako ra gyud nasuwayan kay duwa ug chess. Makalingaw sad but since nag blogging ko wala na sad ko kadula..hehehe