Friday, August 20, 2010

SkyWatch Friday

Here's my skywatch friday entry this week...
Photo was taken on our way to Granbury, Texas.


  1. Hi Dhemz! Happy Birthday!

    Always love the Skywatch photos you take. I'll be close to that area of the country on Labor Day weekend in Oklahoma!

    Anyway, talk to you soon my friend!

  2. Advance happy birthday madam sis! ;-)

  3. Dhemz, natingala baya ko kay naa nag abot nga package sa ako gahapon....kami gud ni Matt kay nag wonder kinsa man kaha nga pada sa ako ana...abiniya nag shopping na sad ko online, kay sige man mi duha mag shop uy :-)

    anyway, salamat ha...happy gyud kaayo akong ulitawo, karon lagi gisul ob niya kadtong blue toys story tshirt pag adto nao sa iyang school for "meet the teachers night"

    daghan salamat from the kenyons, muahhhh

  4. oi karun pako kabalo hapit na diay imong birthday sis... advance happy birthday to you! mwah!

  5. I so love the cloud shots,perfect entry sa sky watch!

    Happy Birthday,Mommy Dhemz!!Enjoy your day!!^_^

  6. a few things to mention......

    First:- Happy Buffday.......glad i didn't miss the last time..... :D

    Second :- new pic.....the sky must be awesome in's sky....wowww.....

    Third....saw the badge...or may haven;t noticed it till shows time to 1 AM there......and i'm in office working....:D

    Fourth:- Another widget which shows today date and tells me that Indian Fest "Rakhi" is on 24th..... which i almost forgot......

    anyways....have a blast today......


  7. Ang ganda ng kulay ng sky sis :) Bughaw na bughaw :) Summer?

  8. Some of the clearest, bright blue skies can be found in Texas. I could not believe it when you said this was near Granbury, Texas. My sister and I go there real often. I live in Ft. Worth.

  9. Thats a lovely clouds, wa nku apil apil ani tsang uy, kapoyan mn ko sge upload ug pics gd.


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