Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Purchased a Used Durango Online

This guest post from Lenny Mcknight
When my Ford Explorer died with no notice, I knew it was time to get another car fast. I used my satellite and internet packages to get online and rented a vehicle for the next day. I spent a few hours comparing vehicles and researching the best way to get a vehicle fast.
The next day I went to a suburb of the city I was in, which had a ton of car lots and started looking for an suv with 3 rows of seats. I needed something that seated six. This made my job a little harder. I had a down payment and decided to start with the car lots I saw on Luckily they were all on the same main road.
There were several with in-house financing that wanted too much of a down payment and others that wouldn't give me what I wanted. I filled out tons of paper work and decided to call it a day at around 6 P.M. On my way back home a dealer called me and told me that an outside financing company approved a Durango for me. I turned around and was back on the road behind my new purchase, in only a few minutes. I turned in my rental car and had a vehicle in 12 hours.
Purchasing a vehicle and using hughes satellite internet service to find the best deals and location for the purchase makes it go a lot smoother. I got something that seated seven and was able to get back and forth to work again on Monday.

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