Friday, July 9, 2010

My stay in Atlantic City

Posting by Alex Marol
The first time I ever went to Atlantic City was last year in December. That isn't the ideal time to go, but we had a great deal at the Marriott Courtyard and we wanted to do something before the year was over having not gone on a real vacation. During our time there (my mother, brother, and I) we went to all the casinos and restaurants that tourists usually hit up, but the real fun began back in our hotel room. We had a beautiful view of the Atlantic City landscape, a 37 inch LG TV with direct TV, a decent amount of take out menus, and a wide variety of movies on demand. The one movie we were all pretty excited about seeing was Law Abiding Citizen with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. It was pure entertainment from start to finish. It starts with Gerard B. character watching his family being killed and Jamie F. is the prosecutor who essentially allows the bad guy to get away. This naturally drives Gerard's character insane, but it was a very calm insanity. His revenge was well thought out and executed exactly as he wanted it until the end. Gerard wanted everybody to die. He got too greedy. Which was his undoing. Jamie gave him one last opportunity to escape, but Gerard, thinking his plan was full proof, would not relinquish and it cost him his life. I love that ending. Gerard was still completely in control, but it was his own fate that he held in his hands. Would definitely recommend if you like action and interesting (bloody) death sequences.

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