Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Made in Korea

Have you ever had a macadamia nuts covered with milk chocolate before? This delectable delight is sinfully delicious! I bought this when we were in South Korea last February,2011.


  1. aguy made in korea i wonder unsa lami ani hehehe. i want chocolate sa japan ky daghan kapilian sd, before mas lami baya gihapon sa US gyud, dili mn kaayo ko paki chocolate ako pana tapigan nya kaonon ug wala na hehehee.

    mura lami ni da ky sinful mn, i like the sinful makakasasala gyud hehehe.

    agi ko bayot. kumusta na si akesha, hope she gets better soon aron maka skwela ugma

  2. aya, tagal nako di nakatikim ulit, last year may nag gift sakin inaanak ko sa kasal nakapangasawa ng hapon nagregalo sila ng macademia nuts...


  3. Yes, I love macadamia nuts coated with chocolate. They are so delicious indeed. I also love chocolates with hazel nuts. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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