Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goodbye California, Hello Texas

I'm back! Thank God... I finally got my internet connection! The cable guy just finished installing it. And I am hoping I can blog hop tonight. So anyhow, here's a quick update
Last Friday was the loading day of our junks. And the moving truck arrived here in Texas this morning. It took almost 5 hours to unload our stuff. I almost passed out doing the inventory....waaaaaaa...lol!

Last Saturday was our last day in California. Akesha and hubby took a nap while waiting for our delayed plane going to Phoenix. We arrived like almost 12am here in Texas.
This is our new place. We are currently renting an apartment right now. We like the place. This place has excellent amenities like community pool, gym, park, dog park, courtyard and more.
Here's our empty nest. We live on the bottom floor which is very nice because we have a dog. Speaking of dog, I gotta go! I need to get Akesha ready because we are going to pick up Buddy at the airport. 

Thanks for coming by folks! I hope to catch up tonight. Greetings all the way from Texas! Yeha cowboy!!!....:)


  1. hala pagdali mami kay basin ma return to sender to si buddy hehehe

  2. waaaaaaaa..hahahaha di LU, na wrong sent ni FIL si Buddy..dia diri Davao mutugpa si Buddy hahaha.

    wow...heyaaa naa na jud ka texas..asa tuod mo sa texas Dhemz...oi naa man pool diay diha, nah, si Akesha e-ready na na iya swimming wear hehehe.

  3. Hahaha sus mao na naka advantage ug kabalo modrive sa, easy to get things done, na hala ni hirit pa mn ug blog unsaon nlng to si buddy, basin moabot to ug vegas hehehe.

    I love your new home bayot, very dako siya, texas gal naka diha mag EB nya mo cecile ug uban pa taga texas hehehe. Na hala see ya later nlng bayot tiwas sko pang update ani atong daghang gingharian nga walay hari hehehe kisses sa kulot,auau

  4. akong bff kay padulong na sad siya dinha weeeh

  5. ka nice sa place sis D... ganahan ko ug apartment kay daghan amenities ehheh...

  6. wow...what a nice place you have here!

  7. It's good to follow your adventures, Dhemz. It's like a mini-series of sorts. Anyway, God bless you in your new home.

  8. Nice house and with those amenities mora ug dili gyud ka mingawon sa Cali..hehehe thanks for the update.

  9. oi.. kanindot sa inyong balay ... hehehe... basig nasaag si buddy Dhemz .. sa Davao nareroute... jowk... hahaha... Welcome to your new Home!

  10. barely settled and already blogging. hinay hinay lang dhemz, hehehe. nice new home. regards!

  11. wow..naa na diay mo texas sis..nice ang inyong new place...mau sad nga sa bottom floor ang inyong unit..saun rajud pag naa moy dog..na cge sis rest sa...tomorrow na ang blog hop

  12. That is a nice apartment and glad you made it there.

    I hope you enjoy San Antonio and that area of the country my friend!

  13. Woohoooo.... from Ms Cali to Ms Texas na diay ang beauty nimo sistah.. OMG.. Im pretty kapoy kau kamo particularly sa unpacking waaahh. that's the hardest part of moving..

    I like your new place ha, at least naa mo sa ground floor para di kapoy saka pana-og.. Musta man diha ang weather sistah?

    Super init here sa Cali, 24 hours man jud andar ang AC namo.. i dont know how much will be the damage mag abot ang bill.

    Anyway, rest sa ang beauty nimo diha kay preparar sa marathon na general cleaning hahaha..

    missed you sistah..

  14. Wow sis ang taas ng new abode nyo hehehe, anong floor ba kayo?

    Sensya ka na nga pala at di kita nalink dun sa binigay mo sakin. Well, I did link you in my post but CSN requested me to removed it para daw solo nila ang post, selfish ba hahaha... Anyway, they asked me to do another review kasi so I did review the item that I got from my last review but then I put it in my Spice Up blog, tapos ayaw dun dapat daw sa main blog kaya nilagay ko yung binigay mo, tapos pinachange nga at may link mo daw grrrrr.. Kaya sowi if no linky love on that post.

    Magkapareho na ba tayo ng time? Ako nga kayod kalabaw din dito oh, 12 na saka pa lang ako bloghop, hay buhay. Yung mga opps sa blog ko eh mamiso lang yun, pinagtyagaan ko sa linkfromblog kasi i want to cash out na yung balance ko pa sa kanila so para mabuo, I need to make some.. Hirap ng buhay hehehe..

    Oh hala, sensya ka na sa litanya ko baka makatulog ka dito lol.

  15. Wow, welcome to Texas, Dhemz :-); Sa Sn . Antonio diay mo; hala sige at mag B ta diha ha kay wa pa mi kaadto sa Alamo :-)....i bet kapoy kaayo mo uy...sige lang paghinay hinay ug unpack...i lke your new place, sa ground floor mo diay maayo kay dili ka ug ky kay :-)

  16. Malaking adjustments ang gagawin ninyo sa bagong environment ninyo. You used to live in a laid back country so close to nature that God's little creatures used to visit your yard every now and then. Now you are living in a condominium type apartment where you are far from nature and its laid back conditions. But you have no choice because you have to transfer there because of the work of your husband. I just hope and pray that you will be able to adjust to your new environment and meet new friends and acquaintances who will make your stay there more pleasant. And I hope you can squeeze your schooling there also. Rest well from the weary travails you just been through. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.


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