Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family Television Night

Guest post of the week by Ferdinand Livingston

Our family schedules our time around our family television night. We usually watch Deadliest Catch when on our family television night because we all love the suspense and excitement that seems to loom around that show.

Deadliest Catch is about these fisherman that are out to see fishing and catching crabs. It documents their lives, the risks they take for their jobs, what they do all day on a ship, and many other aspects of a fisherman's life. My husband used to actually work in that line of work so he especially enjoys watching that show. Ever since we got our tv figured out with DirectTV customer service, we started assembling for family television night which is turning out be a delight.

My son and daughter really get into the show because of the excitement and riskiness of it all. For some reason, they really like to take turns guessing how full the cages will be when they fish for crabs. It's actually quite funny that they bet on things like that. My husband will usually pick one of the kids up and yell, "CHAMPION!"when either one happens to win.
Family Television Night has really proved to be a blast, and it's really been bringing our family closer together than ever. Sometimes I'll even invite my sister-in-law over and she'll bake cookies for us all to eat while we watch Deadliest Catch! I don't think we'll be discontinuing Family Television Night any time soon.

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