Monday, July 12, 2010

Create Your Own Online Radio Show

Have you ever thought of creating your own Internet Radio show? If you visit blogtalkradio, you can create your own Online Radio show. This site is the largest social radio site on the net. You can use your phone and computer to broadcast anywhere. It is easy to share on Facebook and twitters. You should checkout some of the featured radio shows such as the Carson Kressley Interview, and Megan Park. There are many other popular internet talk radio such as the True Outspeak with host Olavo de Carvalho and Android Guys. You can tune into thousands of radio shows on BlogTalkRadio or create your own radio show. You can get sports, entertainment, advice and many more. There are multiple ways that yo ucan participate in the conversation as well. You can add the premium services which gives you more features and will increase your exposure. You can chat live with Russ Disdar, UPRN, B.U.R.N. And much more. You can also browse by many different categories such as books, entertainment, family and paranormal. So what are you waiting for? If you want become a radio host or listen to online radio shows, you need to checkout this cool website today.

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Unknown said...

Asa ni nga opps tsang, maayo ni si main naa gyud everyday, na hala tigum ta ky aron madatu.