Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Slot Machines Cha-ching!

Fun facts about slot machines in Vegas. Las Vegas has become the epicentre of gambling since its first casino was opened in 1931. Slot machines are an important part of the Vegas experience and offer some extremely lucrative rewards.
Do you know that there are an amazing number of slot machines in Las Vegas? There are 197,144 to be exact! Vegas slot machine jackpots can be anything up to several millions of dollars. Some slots offer cars as prize money and in one casino real diamonds are paid out! A total of $9 billion is spent each year on gaming in the city.

The first time (2007) I went to Vegas I lose $50 dollars on slot machines...I know..I know..what a waste! I learned my lesson though. From then on I stopped gambling....lol! I would rather go shopping....nyahahha!


  1. your a big spender I lost a grand total of 14.50 CDN at the Niagara Falls View Casino. That was enough for me.

  2. Cha-ching!!!! did you try plying with the slot machine bayot? sus intawn when we went to vegas jose and I tried the slot machine na pildi among quarters pero enjoy. Daghana d i no... aguy nadatu jd ang tag iya anang slot machine. Imagine how many people drop their quarter and lose. waaa

  3. Tagna an pa nako hahaha vegas naa jud ning slot machine mamasin ba agoy ka nice sa pag rhyme oi...

    sayang ang 50 pero sagdi lang bawi na dayun sa mga reviews. Tigum para naa nasad ikalingaw sa sunod pag adto sa Vegas...

    Welcome home na diay hahaha.. finally!

  4. sus kadamo man diay kaau ang slot machine sa Vegas sa?..kalami ra jud sulongon aning mga machina daun uyog-uyogon daon para naa mogawas heheheh...nice kau ang number sa ilang jackpot sis ba...

    anyway great shot sis...

  5. Great and informative post. Kadaghan may diay kaayo slot machines.

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