Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freedom of Using the Internet for Photography

Guest post from my buddy Christopher Martinson
If you are a photo buff and live in a rural area then you probably remember how hard it was to process and develop film and send pictures to family and friends. The digital revolution changed how pictures are taken and allowed anyone with a computer to have their own virtual darkroom to process prints.
Websites like Snapfish and Flickr make uploading photos a breeze. Not only can a person manage photos in individually labeled albums, but these online companies also offer enlargements and even gifts that are easily personalized with the photo of your choice. These companies can also send you a CD-ROM of your photos so you can manage them at home, too.
Managing photos on the Internet is a wonderful shift from the old days of film. The biggest problem I had with using these great online sites to manage my photos was the Internet connection. Dial up just didn't work fast enough. Once I finally switched to a wild blue broadband internet connection, my productivity and ability to upload and download my photos increased greatly.
I love the freedom of sharing and ordering photos with wildblue internet. The cheap prices, reliable service and ability to group photos in dozens of ways make cyberspace a great replacement for those dusty photo albums.

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