Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Here's my Ruby Tuesday entry for this week. I forgot the name of this plant. Do you know? For more entries or would like to join us, just click the button below.


  1. Nice one madam sis.. mora'g angelika na bulak sa atoa but I guess, not. There's something jud sguro na name ani na flower dre. Ako sad oi dli ko kaila sa ila mga flowers dre.. Anyway, happy RT dha.. muahhh!

    Here's mine by the way:
    My Ruby Tuesday: Lip Glosses and a Cake Art

    Nagsunod ra diay atong RT, una lang ko one second sguro pagbutang did2 sa mc linky. :)

  2. it looks like santan to me, not sure though but its gorgeous plant dhemz. happy tuesday.

  3. hi sis, kalanchoi na cya. oo, naa pod na sa atua kay tropical man jud na cya na plant. have a good one.;-)

  4. ka nice ng flower uy :-); ganda pa ng kulay, geranium ba to, Dhemz?

  5. Very cute sa imung flowers tsang, na dili na mabuhi diri ug winter uy, sayang lang mahal raba buwak untawn. akong pinalit last year namatay ang bamboo plant ra ni survive.

  6. hi sis! kalanchoi daw na siya... nice red flower sis.. daghan ra ba pud na diri sa among bukid. hehehe

  7. Wala akong masyadong alam bout flowers but they're pretty as an entry to RT!


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