Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rose's Blog Anniversary Giveaway

A very good friend of mine is celebrating her 2nd Blog Anniversary this year...she is no other than Sis Rose of "Obstacles & Glories". Congratulations sis! As a celebration of her 2nd blog anniversary, she is going to giveaway a $100 promotional code from CSN Online Store. How exciting!

This giveaway, that CSN is sponsoring, is open to Canadian and American residents only. If you live outside the US and Canada, you can still participate the giveaway contest. And if you happen to be the lucky winner you will not receive the CSN prize, but she will award a prize of $25.oo from her paypal account to your paypal account.
So what are you waiting for? You should visit her blog today for more details. Good luck!


  1. Yay, thanks for joining sis, Goodluck! Matutulog na muna ao at ang sakit ng likod ko, we painted the stain in the fence for almost 6 hourse today huhuhu.. nytnyt!

  2. Aguy ug makadaug ko tsang sa CSN nku mag shopping waaa. hirit rako ug suroy diri tsang, matulog nku nytnyt. good luck, ill be back tomorrow bayot. mwah1

  3. oohh yeah.. i'll check it out now..

  4. hello sistah. it's been a while I last visited here huhuhu... we were out for more than a month long vacation. We went to Phils and stayed in Taiwan for 3 weeks and just got back here last 4th of May..

    And now Im still suffering from jetlag attack waaah.. BTW, I did send you a YM messages twice telling you that we were coming back to California.. did you get it? bec I didnt receive any reply from you :(

    Anyway, Im sending you a package full of crap hahaha... hope you will like it.. mostly bought from Taipei so u can try the Taiwan products hehehe.

    Will send you some pictures from our vacation soon :)

    Thanks for dropping by sistah... got to go for now... hear from you soon ..mwah!!

  5. happy 2nd blog anniversary for her..tingnan ko ang blog niya..

  6. Hi, sis! This is a good oppurtunity to win fabulous prizes. Hope I can catch up with this contest.

  7. Let's all support Rose in her second blogversary contest. I can not win the $100 top prize but is just aiming for the $25 prize for those outside the US and Canada. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Hello sis, just visiting here quick to thank you for making the badge.. Luvya, we went down hoopie today, kababalik lang namin,.

  9. This sounds exciting. I'll be checking the contest details later. Sorry, it took a long while before I could visit your blog again. I've been sidetracked by a family crisis; that's why. Have a great day, Dhemz!

  10. Wow bait mo naman tsang , may design sa contest pa. galing mo talaga tsang, ikaw when mn ka magpa contest? nihirit rko suroy tsang, if I have time ill bloghop tonight.

    Thanks sa mga dalaw and comments tsang mwah!

    Kumusta inyong weekend d i? where mn mo nag laag?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Wow, mag 2 yrs na pala. Happy 2nd Blogiversary dear Rose!

    Good luck nalang sa tanan participants.

  13. Question...I live outside the US for now but I have a US address though.Would that entitle me to win the $100 price give away?

  14. Congratulations to Ate Rose!!I'm happy for her kasi maraming nag-support sa blogversary giveaway nya!!More power to Ate Rose!!


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