Friday, May 14, 2010

Picnic Under The Sun

It's been hot here in Northern California lately, and staying outside is our best option to cool down. We are lucky enough to have trees in our backyard that gives us cool shades specially during summer time.
Here's Akesha having fun under the sun.


  1. This is such a nice picture.

  2. Nice photo as always, Dhemz :-); mabuti dyan dami shades dito wahh wala...sobrang init pag summer.

  3. wow, nageenjoy sa picnic, pwede sumali? Kakatapos lang main magpaint, sAKIT wankata ko wahhhh..

  4. Uy ka cute sa little picnicers hehee nag buot buot ko ug name ky sleepy nku waaa. aguy, ubani intawn ng nag picnic ug tagae ug sandwich hehehe

  5. Enjoy man kaayo si Akesha. Init na diay mo diha kaayo karon. Diri Dhemz kay tugnaw na sad. Great picture!

  6. Ka cutie ni Akesha, nabagay man sa background...

  7. Pagka cute sa imong dlagang gamay sistah enjoy jud syas pg stay under the sun.


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