Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Growing Vegetables in Containers

I've been planning to make a garden vegetable in our side yard, but I kept postponing it because we will be leaving off to Vegas in less than a month. So I guess I'll wait until we get back from our trip.
Cucumber, Chives, Pepper, Tomato
My plan is to grow vegetables in containers. Have you ever done this idea before? I thought it's kinda nifty. I just can't wait to grow my own vegetables.


  1. yay, Vegas here we come d i mo tsang. Ka nindot ninyo uy. balik na sd mo suroy sa hover dam. Kadaghan sa suroy ninyo tsang, pakuyoga ko bi. Nindot mn mananum siguro diha tsang ky ang panahon ok mn diri ky inig fall sugod ug tugnaw na. Nya mura tapulan ko tanum sd uy. Gamit imung compost ana tsang. Ihatud lang nya diri ug naay kay mga fress vegies gikan sa imung container hehehehe. hala tiwas sko bisita mga ka tribu diri bayot. ciao. kisses sa kulot

  2. Oiiiist pwede mo ba akong bitbitin hahahaha.. rabe ang lakwatsa... sama mo k please! Ako di muna maggagarden this year puro flowers lang muna..

  3. I already started growing my vegetable plants in the pots. I have one tomato and 2 eggplants. The tomato started having flowers now. I can't wait to see the fruits.

    Wow suroy-suroy na pod diay mo dhemz? Una-ona lang sa mo kay kami napod magsunod karong july pa Colorado me.

  4. kalami ning tanum dire unta ambot ire pede pa mag tanum jud ko ug daghan kay ako lang kutlu on ug magluto ko.... murag mamatay man tali sila ... agoy lahi man gud ang kalibutan dire...

    Anyway, Vegas family nice kaau bakasyon fever nasad mo sis... enjoy jud kaayo ang life ninyo da. ako bakasyon sa blog... hahaha

  5. Wow, pot gardener sab ka dhemz? Cool, Me just started Veggie gardening this year. Started the flower gardening in last years fall. Got lots of tulips, iris and star gazers. For the veggie, got influenced by my bro in law who has been gardening for many years. Suya ko ba, demand dayun ko ako hubby to make a raised garden bed frame para maka-tunum2x ko. Got Broccoli florets, romaine lettuce in the bed and somme broccs in pots. It is fun and rewarding too.

  6. Wow, adto mo diay sa Vegas, enjoy your trip, Dhemz :-); ako sad sa una gusto nako mag grow ng veggies sa container nung nasa apartment pa kami sa VA.

  7. It's good to have our own garden whether in containers or directly on the soil if your yard allows it. Organic vegetables are, of course, the safest choice for the family. We used to have our own home garden in Pinas. Hubby loves to grow veggies while I love to grow ornamental plants, usually potted.
    Thanks for the visit, sis!


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