Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tag: 10th Photo Posted On Your Blog

It has been a long time since I got tagged...I guess this is the first tag I received this! Thanks to Chie of Whereabouts for tagging me....thanks sissy dear!

Here's the RULES:
1.Look through your photo archives for the chosen blog and pull out the tenth photo you posted.
2.Tell us a little about it.
3.Tag five more players.
4.Let the fun begin!
This is my 10th photo I found on my blog archives. This photo was taken during our summer trip to the famous Grand Canyon, Arizona (May, 2008). What makes the grand canyon such a famous place? It is said that it is the only place on earth that has been carved out by water erosion to such a great depth and area.

Now I am tagging:
Sis Rose, Tsang Shy, MamiLu, TCes, & KuyaMel.

Have a wonderful weekend! It's my blogging day off, will blog hop tomorrow!!


  1. may natutunan ako ng tungkol sa grand canyon..ganda ng background ng picture..

  2. My boy says, "Wow, I wanna go to that place". He knows a lot about grand Canyon. He said, Spirit, a horse in his favorite movie when he was still a toddler, flew over the canyon.
    Thanks for stopping by always, Dhemz. May you enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend, your blog day off:)

  3. Galing naman, so that's why they come up with a name- Grand canyon. Naisip ko kasi may malaking canyon talaga. (Ang literal ko no? hahaha.) sorry po

  4. pangalan pa lang napakaganda na ng place na yan ah..wish ko makapunta ako diyan one day..hehehe

  5. Wow, the infamous grand canyon at the background and the grand family in the foreground ... love it ..

  6. hello sis Dhems...thank you so much for grabbing the tag...and sorry now pa ko nakavisit...i was in Manukan and just got home last night....your 10th photo is a great family picture

  7. Hey Dhemz,
    i'm here's been a busy busy period......busy is the only common word i can remember from last 15 odd days.......but think..this week will bring some good news.........

    i'll be back for more.....

  8. Hello Dhemz! Wow, start na kayo sa Spring trip nyo ha... That's good Dhemz, para naman maka relax kayo lalo na si hubby nimo kay work baya pud na sya. Take care Dhemz. Have a nice day.

  9. I remember that picture. I included that in my review of your blog where I put pictures of you and your family in it. Alam mo Dhemz, hindi talaga ako sumasali sa mga tags pero subukan ko rin ha. Nahihiya naman ako sa iyo. Anyway, mukhang harmless naman yung tag mo and it does not in any way steal glory from the Lord, I will probably make the tag in my How's Your Blog? blog. Thanks for the post and the tag. God bless you all always.

  10. Pssst Kasama pala ako dito hehehehe... Sige gawin ko to hehehe... Naku magkukutkotkot pala ako sa baul ng blog ko lol..

  11. Uy apil d i ko diri tsang hehe thanks bayot. Will do this tomorrow na.

    Gusto sd ko anha diha tsang pero mura wala na chance uy labi na ky niuli na pinas ako manghud. Naa karon sa vegas pero mobalik ra dayon pinas punhon.

    Gamay pa akesha ani tsang, sus dili hibaw an panahon sa. karon 4 years old na intawn. hala bayot mag adgi sko uy, wala ko ka update uban blog. tired and busy bee ko.

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  13. I've been to Grand Canyon once and it is one of the most amazing park I've ever seen. WE are planning to visit there again. Thanks for the visit Dhemz and have a nice day. Enjoy.


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