Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tired & Exhausted
How's your weekend everyone? We just got home from a long trip. Wheeewwwww! What a tiring and exhausting day for us! We drove miles and miles to attend Uncle Andy's 90th birthday. It was fun seeing the Dias Clan once again.
I will definitely blog hop tomorrow for sure....Sorry if I am not able to make it tonight....thanks for coming by!


  1. Okay, take time to rest then. Extend your blogging day-off, hehehe! Glad to hear you had fun over the weekend. Ours? We didn't go anywhere except to the park close by. Hope the political crisis here will be over soon. I enjoyed cooking Pinoy specials though. Happy zzzzzzzz!!!

  2. Nakakatawa naman yung ibon sa litrato mo, mukha talagang pagod na pagod, hehehe, lol. Malayo nga siguro yung biyahe nyo kaya hapong hapo ka maski nakaupo ka lang at hindi nagmamaneho. Di lalo kamo yung nagdrive sa inyo, baka lawit na ang dila, hehehe, lol. Sige frend saka ka na maglamiyerda sa mga blog at matulog muna, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. tag-as ug kinabuhi kaliwat sa imong bana diay? praise God!

  4. hahahaha, kaluoy man imong picture dire bakla hehehe... Oks lang weekend namin, we went to church and spent time with FIL afterwards.. He cooked lunch for us hehehe..

  5. wow long trip again :D
    okay lang ate dhemz take your time. Ü
    relax ka muna hehe ^.^

  6. kailangan mo yan Daj Dhemz...pahinga..

    See you around sis...have a good start of the week....

  7. Me too Dhemz, tired from our weekend trip sa Louisiana... Musta na?

  8. take time to rest dhems, kay looy ayo ang langgam! periko..hheheh

    have a great day ahead!

  9. Perti jd d i busyha sa inyong trip no. hala pamawi pahuway tsang.

  10. that's alright Dhemz. pahulay lang una. kapuyan sad ko ug long distance trip. malingaw ta ko sa mga views pero kapoy lang gyud.


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