Monday, March 29, 2010

Pen Pal Letter Is Ticket To Happiness

I was in senior college when a friend of mine encouraged me to join a penpal column. I signed up a form and a few weeks after I received a mail from a penpal agency. I selected a few guys and one of them is my husband. After 8 months of corresponding letters, we finally got to met each other on my 21st birthday. It was an instant love affair. We met in August 2004 and we got married on Christmas Eve 2004. Now we are happily married for over 5 years and we have an adorable 4-year old daughter.

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  1. waaaa mail order bride man jud! naa ba pod mail order husband? makatawa ko ani mail order mura ra kintahay ni ug mo order ug pizza? wahehehhe

  2. Parehas jud ta Dhemz, nag signed up ug form unya gi mail pa gyud kay wala pa mo uso ang internet..nagsinulatay mi si hubby for a year before mi nag meet personally.

  3. I signed up several agencies pod before dhemz but I don't have luck because I was so young at that time. I started pen pal when I was 13 and I lied and put in the form I was 18. I looked 18 cguro because I am taller than many filipino women. Many men sent me letters but mostly were in their 40s to 60s. Being 13 yrs. old for me that age is way too old. My luck was in Filipina heart when I found my true love dennie after I graduated college.. WHeeewwww. Those were the days to be remembered forever.

  4. that's amazing......i never thought these things can turn up to be something serious between people......but you two have made it......great story .....


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