Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To the Man I LOVE....Happy Birthday!

Today is hubby's special day! Happy birthday Hon! I wish you good health and more years to come. I should have posted this earlier, but I was too busy studying on my upcoming final. Thanks a lot hon for everything. I don't have any flowering words to say...all I know is... I LOVE YOU and I always will. Happy Birthday!
You’re the best a wife could ask for
With all the love you bring
And you know it’s returned to you
Because love's a two way thing
So may happiness be with you always
And may all your dreams come true
Because you’re a Husband in a million
And I think the world of you
I love You Hon!


  1. Happy birthday din sa mahal mo Daj ha...give him the best gift he can have....(happiness and satisfaction)

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband,Mommy Dhemz!!Best wishes and happiness!!

    ps:I'm sure uuga ang kama mamayang gabi lol!!\(^0^)/

  3. oh how sweet of you Dhemz... Happy birthday to your husband!

  4. Happy birthday Greg! Ang sweet naman ni Mami Dhemz... I am sure mabubusog sa kaligayahan si Goryo! wahhahahahha

  5. wow, ka sweet ba uy, happy bday pud :)

  6. A very Happy Birthday to your hubby! :)

  7. happy birthday to your lovy dovy... Hope he will have many many many more birthdays to come and more blessings.

  8. Such a lovely poem for your husband! That was so sweet! :)

  9. Oiiiist happy birthday kay fafa greg hehehe. May God bless you with good health and grant you and dhemz's wish of another baby tadahhhhh...

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish your hubby and your whole family a more prosperous year ahead.. :)

  11. happy birthday to your beloved husband dhemz!

  12. Happy, happy, happy birthday...

    sa iyo ang inumin, sayo ang pagkain..

    happy, happy, happy birthday...

    sanay malasing mo kamiiiii....

    sa langit wala ang beer...

    ang langit ay naa kay dear...

    sa langit wala ang beer...

    kaya ang langit mo ay si dear...

    Hahahaha...ako lang gikantahan si Greg, Dhemz

    Happy birthday kay Greg...

    wish ko...isa pang babyyyyy!!!!

  13. wow...Happy Birthday to your husband dear another year of being a good husband with you.....agree with Kat..dapat sundan na og baby boy si baby girl ninyo

  14. naunsa mn to akong comment madam sis nga did2 mn diay sa ubos nabutang, I thought mn nga dre to oi, natingala lang ko ky paghoman publish gamay ra mn ang naa sa akong ulohan nga unta 15 mn kabook, asus nga did2 mn diay.. xensya na madam sis.. wla ko tulog mn gud.. maglakaw pa jud ko krn taod2x.. bitaw oi, excuses kaau no, nasayop ko pindot madam sis. Og by the way, happy birthday sa imong honey banani... lami ra ba kaau ang balak o.. makabira mn jud ni habol unya bah.. nyahah.. (LOL).. sge madam sis, sign off nko ky alas nueve na kapin mag-prepare pa ko sa akong self og mag-eat pa. hugs!

  15. Happy Birthday to your honey Greg tsang, Wish him all the happy and beautiful things in the world and more blessings for him and your wonderful family.

    You are such a very sweet and thoughtful wife, your hubby is so lucky to have you. your lucky too bayot to have a responsible and loving hubby.

    Simple I love means so much, sweet talaga ng ulirang ina.unsay gift ni kulot sa iyang papa dear? hehe

  16. wow, nakikilig ako Dhemz, hehe, sarap talaga pag magmahal...
    Happy Birthday to your one and only.
    Birthday din ng hubby ko this month, grabe daming celebrations di ba?
    You're so sweet...

  17. Awwwwwwwy..... that's so tweet! demcy diri ra man jud ta ilaila sa internet, but I could say you're really making it great, regards to your birthday-boy hubby and to your cutie princess Akesha.

  18. happy birthday again to your hubby. i love the poem too


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