Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thanks in A Million!

How was your Christmas holiday folks? I am sure you had a fantastic celebration. Our Christmas celebration went great! How was yours? I will share photos later, but first I have to thank these people who sent us greeting cards and e-cards. Thanks guys! Your thoughts and wishes means a lot!

Madz of "The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol"
Grace of "My Family My World My Inspirations"
Rose of "Rose's Obstacles and Glories"
Shydub of "Simply Happy Life"
Cacai of "Cacai's Step and Journey"
TCecile of "Down Home with the Kenyons"
Clarissa of "Kizuna"
Lulu of "Bitz 'n Pieces of My Life"
Meryl of "Places, People, Events, Good Food, and My Life"

David of "Basic Bloganomics"
Katherine of "Mom's Place"
Rossel of "Topics on Earth"
Anygen of "A journey Towards Success"
Niko of "Niko's Blog"
TBeng of "Beng's Entertainment Spree"

And of all my blogger friends and readers...thanks guys for all your greetings!

P.S Will blog hop pretty soon....thanks for the visit!


  1. Halo tsang lili lng ko diri, nag day off ko ky sick ko.

    You are very welcome bayot, Hows your Christmas?

    Wala pko update ako mga blogs oi, tired ko nya not feeling well pa jd, nya labadamos pa jd aron dili malihian akong new year ug kayamukat. nag drop drop lng ko diri palabay sa oras.

    Okay dokie, see you around. thanks a lot tsang. kisses sa kulot mwah!

  2. Wow! gimingaw nako nimo Dhemcy....

    OO...! our christmas went perfectly fine with lots of food, food here and there...gathering is our special moment with families and friends...kaya masaya....

    Ja waiting for the photos...Daj...
    excited to see it na hehehehe...!
    Love that bird in the picture...

    thanks for sharing your kindness...
    keep it up Dhemcy...

    ate Khim

  3. Merry Christmas Sis and happer New year to you..been very busy myself..did all the preparation at home..whew..wala nako naanad daghan tao sa among abaly kay usually kami ra medyo na shock was your christmas??musta ang celebration ng family?

  4. You're most welcome, Dhemz. Thanks for the ecard you sent me, too. It is a blessing to have friends that are thoughtful enough to send you greetings in their own for the holidays.

    Thanks for the mention and link!

  5. belated joyous Christmas celebration Dhemz, will always treasure your friendship here, blessings in 2010 and onwards

  6. Hahahaha wall of fame pala nyahahaha.. Malapit na kaming lumipat sis kaya nabubusi na ang lola mo, padrop drop na lang ako ng ec hehehe para mabilis.. magaupdate pa naman si paring G hehehe.

  7. Ok, we'll wait for your Christmas celebration photos. What about ours? Simple lang pero masaya dahil buo ang pamilya:)

  8. damn it ....why didn't i think of it.... :) lazy i'm.....

  9. Your welcome sis dhemz...thanks for d link here.... :-)

  10. YW ug Ty pod sa link...ka nice ba sa wall of fame..hahaha very creative ang mother student..hehehe.

    gikapoy pa ko sa pag handa sa amo pang noche buena oi..ako ra man gud isa nag prepare..wa na noon ko ka kuha ug pic kay plastada nako sa higdaanan kay sakit na kaayo ako mga tiil...wa pa gani ko nahuman ug luto nag hinay hinay pod nig kaon ning akong mga sakop..waaaa...kafaet.

  11. everyone's seems caught up in the whirwind of activities, and it's understandable ;)

    ..but I am here dear to actually invite you to see me tag you on my signing off. hope to see you there...;)

    **you are linked in all 4 of my blogs...can i be linked now as well?

  12. wala jud ko nakapadala ug card girl... wala man ko kabalo sa imuhang address

  13. opps sikat kami dito hehe muzta sis buti pa kau bakasyon kau sa pinas, kainggit nman how's christmas nicole love to open present i think akesha too. hug and kisses from us...

  14. oi, apil mn diay ko og ako banani danhi sa "Wall of Fame" nmo madam sis.. nice! Thanks a lot ha for being you.. muahhh! Lab yah.. we are blessed pod we encounter a person like you.. muahhhugs..

  15. lab you sis! you're always in my thoughts... and thanks for all the wonderful comments and friendship!


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