Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear!

Today (Philippine time) is the special day of Chie! Happy Birthday sis!
I wish you all the best in life, good health and....of course a BABY! rush!

In this world, where everything seems uncertain, only one thing is definite. You'll always be my friend, beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance. Even though we have never met, I feel I know you. Thanks for the friendship. Happy Birthday once again.

Can I ask you guys a favor to please hop on her blogs and greet her on her special day. Thanks!


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  2. wow sis..this is very overwhelming..gamata pa jud intawon ko kay mao pa paghuman og tawag sa akong mother dear to greet me happy b-day plus hubby greeted me with a little b-day cake...wa na napicturan kay sa kagamay sa cake..usa ra ka lamon..hehee

    thanks a lot for the effort in greeting me here in your blog sis and for taking a post space for me to occupy...i am so much thankful we have met, not may be in person but like you, i do feel that i know you..Thank you so much for the b-day greetings and for are the best!

    kabalu jud ka sis ba nga i love butterflies...

  3. Happy Birthday, Chie.. May you have many returns of the day.

  4. Happy Birthday Chie! That's such a cute birthday photo and kind words for Chie!

  5. Happy birthday Sissy..stay pretty and happy..

  6. Happy Birthday Chie, aguy capricorn sd d i ni siya. wish you the baby too and success in life.

  7. Belated HB'day to her.......damn ..i do't drop one day and i miss so many thing......


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