Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Are The Sister I Never Had

This song lyrics is dedicated to all my sisters in heart. This is for you girls. Thanks a lot for the friendship.
I wanted a sister to call all my own
I didn’t get one, my childhood was lone.
I wanted a sister so we could share toys with glee
Alas, all my toys were only played with by me
I wanted a sister with whom to join Scouts
I wanted a sister to share giggly bouts!
I wanted a sister to wear my makeup and clothes
I wanted a sister to help dispel my woes
I wanted a sister to share my joy
Because I got my first date with my very first boy!
I wanted a sister to happily jump up and down
At my high school graduation seeing me in my cap and gown
I wanted a sister to write to from my college dorm room
My letters would be filled with homesick sighs and gloom
I wanted a sister to hear my gripes and vents
About my first boss that made absolutely NO sense!
I wanted a sister to see my shining ring
From the man in my life that made my heart sing
I never got a “Real” sister – and here’s the best part that’s true:
I got a genuine sister.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Waaaah, lugi ako. Ako lang ang bro, hinbdi ako kasali sa greeting na ito. Sabagay ako lang yata yung bro na dabarkads nyo. Natutuwa ako pag nakikita ko yung pangalan mo sa mga blogrolls ng nabibisita kong mga blogs. Masipag ka talagang magbloghop at mag exhange links. Sige bye na muna sis at exit muna ang brod mo. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Cecile said...

Dhemz, I want you to know when I say: "you are the sister I never had"...I am serious! Thanks for being a friend and sister to me :-)! I love you, sister!