Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Li'l Helper

Have you ever heard of a tangelo fruit? I honestly have never heard of this kind of citrus fruit before, so I searched the net.

According to my source the tangelo is a member of the citrus family (oranges, lemons, grapefruit etc...). It was originally developed from a cross between a tangerine and either a pomelo or a grapefruit.
Like all citrus trees it is an evergreen with thick bright green waxy leaves. While the trunk of the tree has a greyish hue to it the outer branches are the same colour green as the leaves.
The fruit of a tangelo looks similar to a mandarine. It combines the tartness of a grapefruit with the flavour, smell and ease of peeling of a mandarine . The fruit start to ripen from late Autumn through to late Winter and will hold on the tree for between two and three months.

Thanks to Black & Decker juice extractor!
Since we have plenty of tangelos in our backyard, Akesha and I decided to picked them last weekend. Then we made a fresh tangelo juice. Head over to my kitchen to see the tangelo juice that Akesha made.


  1. mami agoy i swear ganahan jud ko ani i am sure... padad-e ra gud ko ana mami....

  2. hey this is nice........citrus fruits in your own'm living in a metro....and its really difficult and expensive to find and buy .... organic good.....aahh miss my earlier days......

    hey one more thing.....i'm gonna add your badges to my list......i now know 3 of them....if there's other too tell me then.....


  3. hey its still ...... 10th Nov are way to far from India.....almost.... 13:30 mins.....

    great......think you like close to the west coast????

  4. That is the first time I've ever heard of a tangelo fruit. That you have that kind of tree in your backyard is simply fantastic. Napaka cute naman ni Akesha na nakakatulong mo na sa paggawa nang lemonada galing sa tangelo fruit. Very informative and very educational ang post na ito. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. wow she is such a pretty helper ha!!! how much is her rate per hour?? LOL

    ihhhhhh i love to taste ur fresh tangelo juice ganda!!

    girls rule!
    niko's blog
    lover's mushroom
    yena's world
    online trends

    husband of a blogger

  6. wowwwww!!!! green and yellow are just a perfect blend and so as the tangelo being squeezed by a girl so sweet... sarap nmana niyan at ini-imagine ko tuloy yard niyo na may tangelo. pahingi hehehe!!!

  7. is it sweet? i like mandarine, but sometimes it is sour. i don't like sour fruit. oranges are rich in vit c, so it is good for your resistance.
    nice pic, kesh!
    so squeeze and squeeze little girl...

  8. ang galing galing namn ng helper na yan heheheh.., nangangasim tuloy ako sis hahaha..

  9. mura manag naa sa atoa nkalimot mo ko sa pangalan, mura gali mahilig ug doa si akesha, si jaden mao na iya gina tan aw..

  10. Mmmmm sarap naman nyan! penge naman ako!

  11. hi dhemz, great to be here. I read ur comment. Yes sis, I read the post about the contest being suspended. To be honest with u sis, the first time na nag vote ako k Akesha, they denied me automatic.

    Me too di na ko pupunta doon. Its is very frustrating. But Akesha is always be a winner in my heart.

  12. wow akesh pa share penge kami ni nicole ha she love juice kahit anung juice kc pag gumising yan sa umaga she always ask juice mama juice and she point it to you kung anu gusto iniiba ko pa kunwari hehe

  13. |Hoy tsang pagkadaghan ba d i ana inyong na harvest oi, kalami ba mosuroy dha sa inyo daghan mn mga fruit trees.

    I love oranges ug mga parenti sa citrus tsang, ako sd patilawa ko sa juice, ka smiling face sa lil helper sayang nayabag ang Pinoy smile contest waaa joke.

    |Ka very nice sa inyong kitchen tsang very clean mn kaayo siya, kugihan ni inahana manglimpyo da, ako na tiningub sa isa ka semana tsang ky kakapoy, dili makaya sa akong power ug kada adlaw mamatay ko bayot heheheh.

    |Klaro kaayo imung lucky bamboo tsang dako na siya, asa nman ko nag yawit ani oi, nagtulo akong laway sa fresh nga tangelo tsang. lami lan lanon heheheh.

    |Nalingaw ko sa imung comments tsang, grabe jd to ka direct akong post sus kabasa si jose ato mo sudlot ang simud ug magkatawa.

    |Perti mn jd tihika ning atong nabana oi, maypa imu nice pa and ver understanding, si jose buwanon mn hehehe

    Kanus a pa kya ta ani kadaug ug lotto aron makasal sa beach wedding hehe.duol ra tong magestrate office tsang unahan ra sa among payag intawn hehehe, HHWW may pa sway sway pa mi aton nga time tsang ky sweetness pa mn hahaha karon da iya uy pag una iro lol. Cge nlng oi atleast nakasal dili fake waaa.

  14. she is a great helper ended with a pretty smile pa. hmmm.. mora abot man man diri ang kahumot ana.hehehe.. pahenge Akesha..

  15. Niko took the words out of mouth, and I'm wondering what Akesha's hourly rate is? And don't tell me with your blogging, wrestling, acting career that you can't afford her a high allowance! LOL!

    And Holy Cranberry Batman she is the cutest helper that one could have! Yes, I did say it, Dhemz! LOL!

    Always enjoy the pics my dear friend!

  16. Sus, ka-gwapa sa helper nimo sis! Maau na kay rich in vitamin c.. Fresh na fresh pa jud...

  17. A perfect helper...a perfect healthy juice for the cold season...what more can a mom ask for :)
    Love the photos :)

  18. Mora syag lemonsito. Mora nakakita nako daba dhemz. Sa tan-aw palang i am sure I like it. Musta na dear friend?

  19. she is not only a happy helper, but also a cute one; patikim naman ng juice mo akesha :-)!

  20. Can I have some? I love children helping out in the kitchen. She's so sweeeeeet!

  21. I bet the juice is as sweet as Akesha.

  22. oh, i never heard about tangelo sis..murag la na diri sa atoa.. kagood girl sa imong baby oi, she made a tangelo juice

  23. Oh, never heard of the tangelo fruit too sis.

    Just learned about the Smile Contest. I am feeling for you sis. Anyhow, I still believe that Akesha is a winner with a very loving mother in you.

    God Bless sis!

  24. cute nman ng helper mo.☺ at least at such an early age she already knows the concept of helping.☺

    btw, I have an award for you over at my blog. it's right here. i hope you can grab it. thanks in advance!☺

  25. A healthy aand fresh juice with your lovable helper.....

    Nag-laway baya ko adto nalang pod ko sa kusina mangitag imnon ikaw gyud Dhemz....hehehehe!

    Big hug to both of you...

  26. hi akesha, would U like to make a cup of juice for me?? hehehehe.

  27. you look like busy akesha to make a great juice for your mom. happy juiciiiii akesha.

  28. kabuotan sab sa imo lil helper.
    Ang akong maikasulti is "Ka-ngelo".
    He-he-he, bitaw, morag lami jud kay orange kaayo iya juice.

  29. how cute naman ni Akesha! Sarap naman nyan sis. nangangasim tuloy ako. sarap papakin nyan with salt parang dalandan sa atin sa pinas.


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