Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

I would like to greet Mr.D of Basic Bloganomics who is celebrating his birthday today. I have known Mr.D for quite awhile now. He is one of the best bloggers I met here in the blogging community. He is a good friend to many people and I can attest that. We have not meet yet, but I can tell he is a good friend. I find him a very talented person. He shows a natural aptitude for making phenomenal movie scripts for bloggers. Thanks a lot Mr.D for being a friend. I wish you all the best in life/love! ...good health and more blessings to come!

And of course...
I would also like to greet Noreen of "Maarte" who is also celebrating her special day today! Happy birthday sis. I don't know much about you yet, but I can tell how wonderful wife and mom you are. I think you have accomplished everything in I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday!!! Stay pretty!


  1. Happy Birthday to all celebrant!!!

    sis agi ko diri, musta na imong thanksgiving? mukhang saya saya nyo ah.

  2. nice imong layout mami... gam-e ko ingani be!!!! kay birthday ni Mischa ug ni Dan

  3. i love the lay out as well. Agree ko ni mami lulu... hehehe! cool... liwat sa nag gama...wafa ni lola pa...limpyo... hahah! ambot sani spelling ana sis..kaw na mosabot hehehe..:-)

  4. That's true, your layout is cool and beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to all the celebrators. Wow it's nice to greet someone here.

  5. It looks like you'll have to take me to small claims court after all because I'm using your catch-phrase again.....

    HOLY CRANBERRY BATMAN! LOL! I had to laugh at how you changed the text on the shirt! I wasn't really expecting that, but that's what your HCB line is for, right? LOL!

    I just met Noreen myself yesterday after seeing on Jenny of The Way I Used To Be's blog that she has the same birthday as me. And yes, I already find her to be a very good and pretty woman, too.

    Dhemz, you're one of the very best bloggers and friends anyone could have. Even if we've never met, I'm convinced of that and it is truly a blessing that we crossed paths on-line as have many others with you, too. I'm glad we have become good friends, and I can't speak highly enough for you and your family.

    Thanks for the very thoughtful birthday greetings and best wishes for you and yours always my wonderful friend!

  6. Happy Birthday to Mr. D ang kaibigan ng bayan hehehe. and happy Birthday to your friend Norren Bayot, sus kadaghan sa nagsaulog sa ilang adlaw natawhan. hehehe grabe ka lawom sa bisdak sa.

    Hapit lng ko kadali sd tsang ky mag andam pko panihapon, kadali ra na nigabii uy. kisses sa kulot vavosh!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr.D and to Noreen ganda!!Best wishes!!^_^

  8. happy birthday again to D and to Noreen..

  9. wow..belated happy b-day to the b-day celebrants..

  10. Happy Birthday, Noreen :-)!; so sweet of you, dhemz :-); bait mo talaga!

  11. David, Happy Birthday, again friend :-)!

  12. Ayyy andito pala ang byuti ko hahahhaha I love it! hahahha thanks sis! hope we can become more closer as friends! Take careee!


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