Monday, November 23, 2009

Let's Celebrate!

Today is my parent's 29th year wedding anniversary. Wow! I can't believe that they have been married for that long...hehehe..:) I have no words to express how blissful I am to have such a wonderful parents like you guys. Thank you Mama and Papa for providing me all the stuff in life. Thanks a lot for everything! Wishing you good health and many more years of happiness to come. Happy Anniversary!

One more thing....I would like to greet Niko of "Niko's Blog" who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday Mami Niks! I wish you all the best in life....more blessings to come and more opps to!


  1. hey this is great......29 huhhhhh....big number.....great...when not married like be bachelor ..... it seems so unbelievable .......

    even my parents are married for more than 25 older bro is 25....they must also some 27-28....

    wish them all the best.....
    woo hoo....\,,,/

  2. awww. cheers to a happy long years! and Happy birthday to Niko!

  3. WOW 29 may unta maabot me ana sa ako happy og more pa jud na year...nyora parehas mo face sa imo mama :) mga wafa au..anyway happy birthday to Niko..

  4. Congratulations kina Papa and mama sis. They are so blessed too for having a loving daughter like you!

    Happy birthday Niks!

    Oist I love how you made Niko's pic hehehe..

    Sensya ka na manang kong bakla at ngayon lang ako nagparamdam. For four nights now lagi ako two pm natutulog but still no time to blog wahhhhhh.. Nagyon lang at tulog ang mga junakis!

    Sya sya, I know you are snoring there lol.. Mwah!

  5. Wow! they are so blessed with each other...congratssss! sa parents mo more life blessings together forever...
    Thanks for sharing...
    Dhemcy kamukha mo nany mo...hehehe sweet kaayo inyo itsura....gwapa!''

    Hoj dhemcy!
    Galing galing mo naman....ikaw gawa nyan Pict?...gwaan mo naman ako...pls? hehehe! well tell her Happy Great birthday from me too...

  6. Congratz to your parent sis.
    You are lucky to have them and of course they are lucky to have you too!

    Happy birthday also to NIKO, more blessing and more birthday to come!

  7. wow! cute naman sa imo parents day dhemz! wish them hapiness both:)

    Happy birthday niko:)

  8. congratulations to your parents, so happy for you...

  9. Wow!29 of a fruitful years sa imung parents sis dhemz...glad! ka cute sa ilahang wed picture... murag wa lako kita sa pic nila mama murag giuk-ok na sishehehe!


  10. Dhemz, Happy Anniversary sa imong parents, wow 29 years na diay sila married...unta umabot ta gaya nila :-).

    Happy Bday sa Niko :-)!

  11. Happy Anniversary sa parents mo!!!!! Yayyyy!!!

  12. wow....happy 29th wedding anniversary to your beloved parents Dhems...and happy b-day to Niko sad

  13. Happy 29th Anniversary to your parents, Dhemz!

    And Happy Birthday to Niko! Very nice of you to post this for her!

  14. Happy 29th Anniversary to your parents Ate! Wow! Sana ay ma-reach ko rin ang ganyang katagal pag kasal na ako... =) More happy and healthy years pa sa kanila!

    Happy Birthday din ulit kay Ate Niko! =)

  15. ganda thanks a lot ha..

    mwah mwah


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