Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis Grace!

Sis Grace of "My World, My Family, My Inspiration" is celebrating her special day today. Happy birthday sis! I wish you all the best....:)


  1. Happy Birthday Grace! So sweet of you to post the cute image on here for her birthday, too.

  2. Happy Birthday to sistah Grace!!More blessings to her!!^_^

  3. happy bday,...more candles to blow...

  4. ahh, ngayon pala birthday ni Grace.. sabay sa Thanksgiving Day.. ang saya2x sguro sa birthday.. makikain nga Grace.. aww j/k only! Happy Birthday!

  5. agoy pila na edad ni sis grace? happy b-day to her nalang

  6. oh i dont know what to say thank you so much to all of you i was so grateful for having friend online bloggers it was so sweet that all of you a bunch thanks sis, and happy thanks giving na rin more year adding for my age am getting old oh my am 31, again thank you so much sis,....


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