Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Measuring Your Bank's Health

In this market and with so many banks closing it is important to learn the health of a bank before you invest your money into it. If you are concerned about a bank failure, you need to checkout BankRX which can help anyone from a professional to an analyst to determine the financial health of a bank. On their front page you can see a list of all the banks that failed just this year. You can get different reporting such as peer reports and Interest Rate sensitivity to help you know how a bank is doing. So before putting your money in a bank, you should visit BankRX and analyze the bank’s health.


David said...

unmeasurable akong bank health... because health is 0

analou said...

Bitaw dhemz oi. Pastilan tong pagdown sa economy perteng dakoa sa sapi nga nawala sa amoa ai. Pati ang halin samong sakyanan nga gibaligyan, wala jud. Nag-start napod ko invest ginagmay sa bangko. I invested one bank muna but I will probably invest another bank. Thanks sa info about bank health dhemz. Au-au