Friday, October 23, 2009

Make Your Boobs Look Bigger the Easy Way

This is funny! How would you like to try this trick? If you are a small chested woman, you can fake it and make your boobs look bigger easily with a few tricks. Well here are some few litte tricks on making your boobs look bigger without pain and lots of money.
-Wear a bra that make your boobs look bigger. There are plenty of bras out there that are designed to lift up your breasts and even give you some cleavage. Many are padded and structured to enhance what you already have.

-Wear tops that enhance the apparent size of your chest. Empire waistlines rest right under your breasts and make them appear bigger. V-neck, fitted tops, combined with a push-up bra will greatly enhance the apparent size of your breasts as well. Stay away from loose fitting tops and high collars.

-Pay attention to your posture. Walk, stand and sit straight as often as you can. Keeping your head up and your shoulders back will enhance your breasts better than anything. You will also feel and look more confident.


ruby said...

yup pad pang padako ug boobies!!!

Anonymous said...

oizzt naa nmn imong for adult only dre madam sis.. heheh.. joke lang..

Clarissa said...

Is this post is for me??LOL!!