Friday, October 2, 2009

Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

I have been meaning to do a room makeover, specially our bedroom. We actually have a decent size bedroom, but I wanted to look it bigger. So I looked up online to see if I can find a simple way to make our bedroom look bigger. Here are some tips I found.

-Paint the room a light color.
Paint your walls with a light hue and you can make your small bedroom look a lot bigger. The range of colors is not necessarily limited, just make sure that it resides on the lighter end of the spectrum. Steer clear of the dark colors as it will make a small bedroom look a lot smaller.

-Minimize mess and clutter.
Small bedroom organization is essential to making the most visual space out of a little room. Use storage containers and utilize the closet in order to get the most square footage out of a small bedroom.

-Arrange furniture in the most functional way possible.
If you have a small bedroom, keep furniture to a minimum and don't squeeze it in to the little space if it doesn't serve a real purpose. For example, make sure that furniture doesn't block the walking path in the bedroom layout and don't put a couch in there unless you really need it.

-Keep your windows open, when you can.
Whenever possible, leave your windows open; the natural light creates the illusion of a much larger bedroom and the openness of the window will do the same. Keep your windows unblocked by bedroom furniture; chairs, beds, and other bedroom furniture, in order to achieve this effect.

-Hang a mirror.
A mirror lends a hand to small bedroom designs by fooling the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is. Hanging a decorative mirror at eye level will improve your bedroom decor and perceived size.

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