Friday, October 23, 2009

Survivor: Samoa, This is the Man Test

Last night was a shocking episode of Survivor: Samoa. It was so sad the way Russel S. went out from the game. He was a hard worker and and a serious player. What happened was during the reward challenge, John is finally able to direct Russell to his corner of the table maze, and Galu gets started on the table maze. Russell then suddenly collapses onto the table, and Jeff Probst stops the challenge and calls in the medical team. The medical team attempts to revive Russell, but he collapses a second time onto the ground.
The medics administer blood pressure tests as Russell insists that he is fine and wishes to continue the challenge. Jeff Probst assures Russell that he passed out twice and should hang tight as the medics check him out. Jeff then instructs the other tribe members to remove their blindfolds and declares the challenge over. Neither tribe wins reward, and both tribes will go to Tribal Council to vote one person out. Host Jeff Probst breaks the news that Russell has been pulled from the game, bringing Galu down to eight members. “It was the scariest moment I ever had on this show. Nineteen seasons, I have never been more afraid in my life at how bad things were. Russell was in terrible shape,” says Probst.


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