Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Got Lunch?

What do you have for lunch? Normally I have rice and meat/fish or noodles, but since I am trying to shed some pounds I substitute my regular meal to tuna, crackers, and yogurt. Well actually I'm not fat, I just want to get rid off those excess baggage and go back to my old petite body. ...lol! I don't know if this is healthy or not. You tell me!

P.S Will blog hop after my class tonight. Hasta la vista!


Rad said...

Tuna, crackers and yogurt...you poor thing lol

I've been trying to get back into shape too, so I've been eating Oatmeal for breakfast instead of Egg and cheese omelette's....I miss them so much :)

Lulu said...

agoy gi career ang pag diet... sige padayon gud luck

grace fancubit said...

ouccch..di nako kaya kana lang...im a ice eater

hitesh rawat said...


never tasted this.....hope its good....\,,,/

i have pretty heavy lunch....try to eat a lot... :)

arparrey said...

I've done this before

eds said...

wow ang taray nman dhemz. talagang yan lang ang kakainin mo? jusme hindi pwede sa akin yan.. baka murahin ako ng aking mga bituka hehehe.. pero i think its healhty nman. just dont forget to eat some meat and veggies din para balance.