Thursday, September 24, 2009

Walking Manhattan Food Tours

I love to take tours when I go on vacation. It allows me to see many of the sites without having to try and find them myself. It also helps if I have a good tour guide. I am planning on visiting NY hopefully soon. The walking tours new york is one tour that I am going to want to try. They have many tours that I would want to try such as the Financial District/Ground Zero tour, and the Greenwich Village Food tour. I definitely want to try the Lower East Side Food Tour because they have a full lunch including 6 authentic New York originals, and a hot dog from Katz’s Delicatessen. So the next time you are going to visit NY, you need to checkout the walking tours.


bea trisha said...


i guess it would be a nice experience!
hope i could also go to NY!

Unknown said...

Btw, an award for you sis - :)

Cecile said...

this looks so yummy, dhemz :-); mahal man siguro to!

mao lagi, si Lady in red naa na sad, wahhh, mag two weeks na heavy flow lang gihapon, mahuro na akong blod ani uy :-(, mao to anemic pa rin ako despite sa iron infusion ug shots.