Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing football with a bull!

Do you love football? You might be interested in the Sony Twilight Footballl event which is taking place on the 22nd of September 2009. This event will be having 7 matches in many different countries. The first game will be played in Venice, Italy. You will be able to see the illuminate players’ expressions across the Venice waters. The second game will be in Chamonix, France. This is one of the most spectacular sceneries that you will see. The third game will be played in Antequera, Spain and the 4th game will be played in Tintagel, United Kingdom. The 5th game will be played in Iguazu’ Falls, Argentina while the 6th and 7th games will be played in Pinnacle Desert, Australia and South Africa. The way this event will be scored is that the match goals will count toward an overall aggregate score. They have specially designed kits for this football event as well. You will be able to keep up with the action with news and photos so you can share them on places like facebook. So what are you waiting for? You should checkout this event today so you can experience all of these great countries along with the great game of football.


Unknown said...

I missed this one this, when you buzz me wala ko nag online sa YM but I got the other one. nice one tsang hala padayon ang pagdatu hehehehe. Thanks sa buzz always tsang. muah!

Candy Blush Beauty Blog said...

Hala, ang scary naman yun kaloka.. malamang if ako yan nagpanic ever na ako, haha!!