Friday, September 4, 2009

Making the Case to Bank Menstrual Stem Cells

Have you ever thought about getting insurance incase you get a life threatening disease in the future? You can’t get insurance, but what you can do is preserve your menstrual blood by visiting C'elle. They specialize in helping people collect, isolate and preserve their menstrual blood for use in the future. There are so many benefits, and new benefits are being discovered all the time. These stem cells have been used to halt the metastasizing of breast cancer in the brain. Stem cells have also been used to reconstruct breast tissue after mastectomoy and tumor removals. There have also been recent developments treating leukemia through stem cell therapy. If you still have doubts about the stem cell treatments, you can visit their website to see the science showcase. There has been a lot of science to support the use of stem cells. You might also want to visit their frequently asked questions to get more information about stem cells. There pricing is only $499 for the first year, and $99 for the following years of storage. However, for a limited time you can save $200 when you use the code CN200. So what are you waiting for? You should order now to protect yourself for the future.

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Sus atak opps aron kasapi ang mga managatay hehehehe. may gani naka post dayon ko ani ky nag nap si justine nya si jake sd tua sa iya crib nagfake sa iyang nap.

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