Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How Could I Not Remember

I just had a rough night in class. We had a chapter quiz and I was frustrated because I had 2 questions answered that I am not sure of. Oh gosh, I thought I was ready! I think too hard....not in the class...I think too hard on blogging!!


I went through my jewelry box this morning, and found my degree ring. It's been awhile since I saw and wear this ring. The last time I wore the ring, was when I left the Philippines...ahhmm..probably 4 years ago.

How could I not remember, this ring is very sentimental to me because it was one of my graduation presents(the biggest) from my parents. This is the second of the best rings I have in my life next to my wedding/engagement ring.
For me professional ring signifies respect. And that's one of the things I've earned when I was in the Philippines. I miss to wear this ring. Someday when I finish my degree in Nursing, I am planning to convert this into two in one professional ring. :) (ambisyosa) lol!
I've been going to school since 2007 (on/off from scratch) here in the US. Way to go! I am almost done with my AA degree. My degree in the Philippines is like zero equivalent here in the US. In my opinion. That is why I am trying my best and encourage myself to go back to school. Even though my mind is glued already on blog hopping/blogging. Thanks hon, I love that you've been so patient with me at all times. You know how much crazy I am.


  1. wow gosh di ako binigyan ng parents ko nyan =( actually first time ko lang nakita yang degree ring sa dahil may ikaw lol.. Nwei, same here, zero equilavent ang degree natapos ko sa pinas dito =( but still no plan of getting back to a japanese school lol.. enjoy ko muna ang pagiging housewifey lol.. goodluck sis, sana maging RN ka na rin dyan, 2 yrs lang yata (not sure though)

  2. Ay nah sweet Dhemz goodluck kaayo sa imo. My hubby is a second courser too sa nursing and i am pushing him to take the board exam. I have read that the federal government will need 25,000 nurses in the next three years. Unta maging full pledge RN ka na rin.

  3. nice.. your parents gave you a ring for graduation.. =D

  4. Goodluck tsang, im sure someday not for long you will finishe your nursing and land a well paid job here.

    You are one lucky gurl coz your banana sent you to school. Ako wala na pag asa ani, padayon na jd sa pagtaya ang mga kautukan. Mao bitaw nga mas ganahan balik pinas atleast didto maka apply pako balik. I have no plans of applying for teaching job dri kapoy ko maestra. Magpaka ulirang asawa/nanay/maid in other words TIG.... heheheeh

    Lahi mn d i ta ug hitsura sa class ring tsang mas cute na imuha mn. Ako mama bayad down payment ani nya ako nag tiwas ug bayad the rest.

    Magkatawa mn sd ta nimu, perti jd ning blogging lisud na kabiyaan. mabiyaan pa ang bana ky sa blogging waaaaa jokla.

    ako sa ni atimanun akong usa ka pispis dri tsang katugon kaayo ko ky sayo namukaw si jake oi. kisses to akesha mmmwah!

  5. hi Dhemz, wow maypa ka naa ka prof ring, ako wla jud, buotan kaau imo parents oi, palitan man jud. hehehehe... Oi, ka gwapa nimo, why man blur naa imo picture? Regards, and kisses to Akesha :*

  6. nice ring.... mami atong dad - on na sa pawnshop!!!! wahhhhh joke lang...

    good luck in your studies.... i am still wishing when the right time comes that I can go back to school.... magtigum sa ko ug daghang salaping cash!

  7. hay maayo pa ni si dhemz kay naay ingon ana ako working student gyd 8 yrs sa college wa pa gyd kahuman kapoy..Nia sa US hopefully kay schooling ko. Nindota sa ring sa guapa pa gyd ang nagsuot...agi bitaw ko inggit gyd ko oy...wahhhhhhhhhh

  8. i am hoping to having a degree ring..but i don't know yet when i am going to graduate...hehehhe...i remember one of my profs asked me if i plan on living in school nalang.. i really have to fucos on what i want to be..kay murag cge rjud ko og undang2x inig kapuyan.hayy hehehe

  9. about sa imong exam sis..ka rana..bawia lang next time..kani laging blogging...mao sad ni one of the reasons nga gikapoyan na ko sa akong schooling kay gusto magblogging nalang cge...yayayyy makaaddict jud

  10. Dhemz, yes - I can empathize with you regarding school. I remember those days when I was in school - frustration will take over you but don't give up. You will feel like things are not going your way along the road but definitely you will see the earned success you have worked for. Don't forget to have fun too :)

  11. maayo pa ka naa kay prof ring, i admire you for that kay kugihan man ka mao to ila ka nilang gihatagan gift; mahal ka nila kaayo :-); goodluck sa imong pag eskwela; unta maging RN ka na in the near future, dhemz; padayon ug patience ra gyud then ma realize nimo man na diay ka sa pag schooling.

    miss yiu, hugs to akehsa from me...ayu ayo mo diha!

  12. I envy you because you could go back to school. I sure wish I could too pero lisod kaau dri ug way mobantay sa mga baktin.. hehehehe... Maybe someday, preho nimo mka-skul ra ko'g balik.. Good luck sa studies and God bless...

  13. Wow what a lovely ring. I dont have that:(..hehehe

    Gosh same here in Sweden. Im back to zero and started into grade 1..hahaha

    Good luck schooling sis and dont worry magkaroon ka rin ng second professional rings mo..

  14. waaaahhhh! preha ta ring dhemz...(exact suarez bros.)haha but mga sinolicit tong akoa...dugay kaayo nako makuha kay ang ako nasolicit kay igo raman downpayment.. pag-abot na sa ako bana nakuha sya ngbayad tiwas! hehehe!

    :( ala nasad nako nasuot akoa kay back to zero lagi diri sad nya mura mag mihu-ot na nako oi!!! hahah.. mitambok jud ako tudlo aw ako diay! lang basta naa ra ako lantaw-lantawon;)

    goodluck manay!

  15. hi dhemz! congratulations! its really hard to be a wife and a mom tapos singit pa ang schooling..pero sabi nga if there's a will there's a way!
    your parents and your husband must be proud of you! go girl! =)

  16. After you have reviewed thoroughly your review lessons, pray to the Holy Spirit that He will give you a spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding and surrender your tests to Him. He will remind you of the lessons you have studied. Our graduation ring is really very precious and full of wonderful memories. Too bad that the US did not recognize your degree here in the Philippines. It is to your credit that you are pursuing your studies there. The Lord will guide you in your worthy endeavor. Your studies and your family should command a higher priority from you than blogging. Thanks for the enjoyable post. God bless you always. BTW, I will be praying for your success in your schooling there.

  17. nice emo ring, ako wla tawon koy ring 19 ra tawon ko ato ni grad wla pa ko bout cge ra kiat2x heheheh.. ngano na blurd mani emo pic dhemz, naa pud ko ani nga pic.. heheheh ako pangitaon to!
    na ako class sa work book ra ko ga basa2x unya ako ra e transfer sa computer pag ganahan ko kay u know na daghan ka busyhan basta naa na sa computer..

  18. hoizzt.. oi nice xa Madam sis.. mao na^ akong huna2x kwaon saona nya^ nalimtan nah.. hehehe.. nice jud xa Madam sis.. og oizzt mora'g pareha ta course commerce dah.. og ngano halap mn ni imo photo? imo style? have a good day Madam sis! ayo2x sa pag-schooling.. asa ka school, online o traditional?

  19. good luck dhemz,next time graduation ring na dito sa u.s.

  20. haguy maayo pa imo parents kay kabalo mang regalo, ako parents, wa jud tawom ko katilaw sa ila ug regalo..wa gani ko paeskwelaha nga ilang hinagu-an..kahuman ko HS nga ako Aunty nag pa eskuwela then working student na ako sa awa ng diyos, ka graduate ko nya ako ra buy sa ako college ring nyahahaha...

    BTW..wa lagi ka namayabas ug school diha pero ang utok kay tua man sa blogging harharhar...daghan jud diay unggo na ani hahaha.

    oy sus ako anak pahabol..hi daw kay akesha...hahaha

  21. Hello Dhemz. It's been one of my dream to have a professional ring. I've finished my degree in business management in a small college in our town but as you've said, it's nothing here in the US. I have plans to go school and pursue my dream to become a civil engineer but I am doubtful kasi it is super expensive. I don't know how to drive and that's also one of the hindrances. I have a job right now, a full-time job but I only earn a minimum wage. Hindi talaga enough kasi I need to send money to my family twice a month. Haaayyyyy. I hope I can come up a fix decision as soon as possible before I will reach the age of 30.

    Buti payo, mayroong prof. ring. I admire you dhemz for being so persistent to go to school. take care always, ok?

  22. I gave myself a college ring sis hehehe, nakatago rin lang din.. Love your graduation pic!

    Ako nga may degree rin na di naman magagamit dyan sa Tate hehehe buti ka pa malapit na matapos, gusto ko rin sana magenroll pagbalik namin kaso si john tatapusin nya daw yung bachelor's nya kaya give way na lang ang sistah mong bakla hehehe.. Maybe pag uugod ugod na ako pwede na lol..
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  23. grad. ring................. i didn't anything....after i completed my grad.

    but yea....after....2 months ... i got job.... :P


  24. hi sis, pang maalaala mo kaya ito..joke lang ha. nice ring en nice grad pic...goodluck sa iyong studies sis kaya mo yan.tyaga tyaga lang. kaw pa mukhang masipag ka sa lahat ng bagay ^_^

  25. I wish you the best on your schooling jan sa US.

    Kakatuwa naman parents mo, they're so sweet and supportive.

    Sana pala I got a grad ring and some grad pics, too. At that time I didn't deem it important tsaka gastos pa yun sa isip ko. I was so intent on getting a job na agad kse sobrang delayed ako nakagraduate due to a lot of "extracurricular activities". :D

  26. ring...first time i got to know this....

  27. hi dhemz.. ka nice sa imong degree ring..
    basta ikaw kaya kaayo na nimo..hehehe.. bitaw, 2 ra gud ang not sure nga answers..hehehe..

    good luck then..

    have a nice day always

  28. Wow! sis good for you na keep nimo ang class ring. Ako, a sus, na prenda intawon.. cge prenda hatud wla na malukat.. ahay! buhay! lisod naman sad if mupalit pa lain. Mahal na kau karon oi..
    Goodluck sa imong pag kastudent dha. I know you can make it...

  29. That's true sis, ang diploma natin walang silbi dito sa states hahahhaha I'm a DLSU alumni (BSBA) pero parang High School grad lang ako hahahahha

    Military wife ka din ba?
    Ako din nag-aaral pero hindi na matapos-tapos pano namannnnnn naka-tatlong college/university nako kakalipat namin hihihi!

    Ano ba yan! Kaka-transfer ko nga lang ng school last month (in time for Fall sem!!) kasi na-destino kami dito sa New Mexico. Before nasa Utah naman kami.

    Saan ka ba ngayon sis?

  30. Those are very sweet rings for your life.

    Btw, please, come join me for a chance to win £100.00 and support a cause!

  31. Good luck to your back to school life,Mommy Dhemz!!I'm sure you will reap the fruits of your labor!Ikaw pa?!!^_^

  32. Bakit sis? Ano ba ang course mo dito sa Pinas noon?

    Good luck sa iyong pag-aaral :) 'wag ka mangongopya ha, mangodiko ka nalang, LOL!

  33. hi dhemz..gud luck..very inspiring

  34. reminiscing jud diay Inday sis..I guess that's brought about by the stress from school..that's good can get inspiration from your ring..para ma remember nimo ang feeling atong first time ka ni graduate..maayo pa gani ka sis naa ka ana..ako wala jud..gitagaan ko pamapabuhat pero wala ko nagpabuhat..hahaha..naughty jud ko i admit!!

  35. ah virgin pa kaau ba hehe, nice ring you got, na ako wa jd naka dawat ana kay nglarga2 mn diri sweden mao wa ka human giuna ang igat2 lol...ako bago lng human ang exam mao karon pwede nako maka blog hop og comment kay concentrate mn dw ko og study these passed few days para sa exam hehe..I miss blogging a lot oi, mura ko d ka tulog if d ko kasilip sa ako blog hehe..parehas pod ang system diri nyora kaso if degree holder ka medyo gamay nlng imo stadihan diretso na sa college..d jd ko ka gets why ato value sa skol sa pinas wla lng sa foreign countries mura mn og unfair hehe...anyway nyora saba na kaau ko dir oi baboh!

  36. maayo pa ka naa kay prof ring, i admire you for that kay kugihan man ka mao to ila ka nilang gihatagan gift; mahal ka nila kaayo :-); goodluck sa imong pag eskwela; unta maging RN ka na in the near future, dhemz; padayon ug patience ra gyud then ma realize nimo man na diay ka sa pag schooling. miss yiu, hugs to akehsa from me...ayu ayo mo diha!


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