Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Helping Clean and Sober People in Recovery

If you are in need of finding friends and relationships with people who are clean and sober, you need to checkout RecoveryDate which is a site that is dedicated to helping clean and sober people find other people who are clean and sober. That is what makes this website different from other dating websites. The common bond among the members on this site is that they have all recovered from some kind of addiction and are looking for only people who are clean and sober. This site provides a safe and understanding online dating environment. The website is striving to make sure that members have a clean and sober dating experience. You are able to search by state, and by sex to find the friends that you are looking for. Becoming a member is pretty easy as well. You can visit their website to create your free account. You can quickly be on the path to finding the recovery friends that you need. There are members all over the country that you can be friends with. So if you are looking for a great dating site where you can find people who are clean and sober, you need to checkout the RecoveryDate’s website today.

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Umma said...

hello sistah.. how are you today?
Thanks for the email but I wasnt able to reply masyado occupied ang mind ni lola these days. But for sure you are always in my mind.

Madyo mingaw na ang sa SS kay di nako pirmi ma catch ang opps pag nag email sila kay di nako often ma check ang emails ko. so once I opened it, its already waiting for slot hahaha..
Mayo ka pa sistah alerto jud sa opps from SS.. nay ka alarm pag naay email?

Anyway, musta na sistah.. medyo hina ang bloghop ni lola kay Im concentrating sa new 2 blog niche ko. Needs hardwork jud and time kay I want to build mga `15 or more pages muna before I publish it para ok na sia kay di man sia personal blog. hahaha. Cguro mga 3 months pa nako mahuman kay juggling in between ang beauty ko while taking care of YL who is very mobile now..

Lihok kaayo ang little bugoy ko, goodness I need to wait na tulog sia tapos paspas jud ug sit down sa computer na sad para sa website ko.

BTW, I sent you a package via Priority Mail last Monday. Did you get it already? Wa ra ba na write ni banana ang name ko kay sabi nya surprise daw hahaha
belated na birthday gift.. super late.

BTW, sistah... tell diay what is adgitize? curious me.

Wa ka na diay mag create ug layout sistah? Bitaw kay wa na kay time ana pa..

Anyway, ayu ayu diha sistah.. see you next time na sad.